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cloodo - Agency Listing - Jives Media

Jives Media

100 Van Ness Ave Suite 2213, United States

Phone: (650) 420-7455

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Remy Sharp
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I am a Real Estate Agent in the Orange County area. As a new real estate agent I was looking for advice on how to break into a competitive market. I hired Jives media for their experience around real estate marketing. I leaned into Jives Media's experience in real estate marketing and relied on their marketing formula for success. This included leveraging SEO marketing on Google and targeted email marketing. The local SEO and email campaigns were incredibly successful. They helped me break into the market and build social proof with new prospects.

Remy abc

Kassidy Reed

2022-01-20 at 23:11:08

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I am a caseworker at a nonprofit organization. We brought on Jives Media to help increase donors and brand awareness for our nonprofit. Jives Media focused on building quality, local SEO while optimizing our website and Google my business. The local SEO work performed by Jives Media has resulted in 98% year over year growth in terms of donations for our nonprofit. The local SEO revamp has helped get our name out there to local residents and business owners in the area.

Remy abc

Vignesh Vasu

2022-01-20 at 23:11:08

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I am a data analyst consultant. I hired Jives Media to help find quality clients to work with and further build my brand name. Jives Media has been working with me to implement local SEO in addition to email marketing. Since working with Jives Media I have seen an increase of 38 percent in website traffic and 72 percent in closed deals. I am impressed with how knowledgeable they were in regards to B2B marketing and advertising best practices

Remy abc

Christine Ouch, MBA

2022-01-20 at 23:11:08

Rating Cloodo

The new website pages and backlinks that Jives Media created are bringing in 85% new customers around the SF area through SEO (FREE WEBSITE CLICKS).Most marketing agencies outsource their work overseas, and provide an account manager fresh out of college. Jives Media has a totally different approach. We worked directly with the CEO and Founder, Jay Ives, and the team's SEO specialist. Their process allows them to drive serious results and provide life changing solutions for their clients.

About Jives Media

Since 2012, we have completed over 500 projects around the globe. Our experience in digital marketing, branding, and analytics allow us to serve as a Triple Treat for our clients. We begin each project with extensive industry research to set strategic objectives and goals. Our all-encompassing marketing strategy has proven to boost qualified leads, enhance brand awareness & increase revenue. If you ask any of our clients what we do well, it comes down to being relentless in the pursuit of a better solution, a more strategic marketing plan, and overall providing better results. Browse our site, get to know us and then pick up the phone and give us a call!

At Jives Media, we offer complete digital marketing services to help your business or brand thrive. From small businesses with no digital presence to large businesses that need marketing help, we offer a variety of services to achieve your goals.





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