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About LI Labs

LI Labs is an Australian-based digital platform provider with a purpose to deliver small to medium businesses the right platform that help achieve customer expectations. Our focus is on small to medium businesses to help them become digitally ready and offer the right customer experience, while fulfilling the business goals. Our expertise is on digital platforms ranging from Web to Mobile to Mixed Reality and the technologies that enables the capabilities for these platforms. Linking & Integrating Labs – Australia Pty Ltd was incorporated in Australia (ACN: 630 002 596) in 2018 with the trading name LI Labs.

Our mission is to help businesses deliver better customer experience through the use of digital technology, elevating existing operations and data to a more useful purpose.

At LI Labs, we care about our customers, employees, partners. We believe that through the care philosophy we can create a unique ecosystem where all those who engage with LI Labs feel the difference of genuineness, presence and focus. This is why we have established our CARE values for this organisation

C – We hold Creativity at the centre of everything we do, providing better customer experience is understanding the end user and providing a seamless experience through our digital platforms.

A – We are Attentive to our customers, employees and partners as we believe in helping each other to deliver better outcome through the existence of LI Labs to the society.

R – We bring a Result-Oriented attitude to the work. Starting from the leadership to the employees and our partners we expect that we deliver and do what we say that we would do.

E – We strive for Excellence in all our engagements, quality of our digital platforms and services that we offer to our customers.

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