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Logic Simplified

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About Logic Simplified

Welcome! We are a team of enthusiastic gamers and developers. In the past 11 years we have created games across genres. We have architected, designed and developed high Traffic Network based games as well as addictive single-player casual games. We build game concepts for clients on turn key model and our team also works on a Work for Hire model with other AAA game teams.
We generally use Unity & JavaScript to build casual games. We even offer teams in Unreal Engine. Most of our JavaScript games use Angular / React / BabylonJS / Phaser. We develop game backends in Java & Node.js. Our concept artists, 3D Modelers, Environment Artist, Texture Artists, Game Developers and AI programmers help you achieve engaging gaming experience for your end users.
Our experience in AR technologies like OpenCV/ANN gives us an edge. Use our design team for lifelike experience for your VR Games.
Our domain expertise and ready made libraries help you launch the game in half the time you would otherwise anticipate.

---> Our Work

50+ iOS Games

80+ Android Games

Console Games

20+ Cross-Platform Desktop Games

8+ Years in the Gaming Industry

80+ CGI Artists/Developers

---> Why Us

Expertise :

  • AI & Machine Learning (Reinforcement & GAN)

  • Game monetization plans

  • Game viral factors

  • User adrenaline rush for higher engagement

  • Game marketing

  • Support 24x7

  • 100% Code Guarantee

Engagement Model :

  • Outsource Game Dev at Fixed Price (Turnkey Basis)

  • We sign NDA, Non-Compete and protect client's intellectual property

  • Agile development @Fixed Price

  • Clients (Product Owners) attend daily standup

  • Source Control/Continuous Integration and Deployment

  • Access to the whole team during development

  • Manual Testing, Load testing and Security testing

  • Hire Developers/Designers/Animators on an hourly basis too





Remy Sharp
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Latest client reviews for Logic Simplified

I have been working with Logic Simplified for the past four months on a IOS / Android game app. They have been a pleasure to deal with from the very start.Over the years I have worked with many developers and so from experience I would say the following are the main things that make them stand out as a top level developer:1) Accurate and detailed cost estimates2) They stick to the milestone goals even if it means working extra hours3) The entire team is courteous, capable and available through Skype, email and other methods of communication4) Talented artists and programmers. They clearly have a lot of experience and are able to work with ease on even the more cutting edge technologies5) Positivity. Everyone in the team is positive and enthusiastic about the project!Well done Logic Simplified and I look forward to finishing this project and working in future apps.

2022-01-20 at 23:24:02

Vijendra Chauhan

Rating Cloodo
Logic simplified provided us end to end solution in gaming. Their professionalism and work ethics were really commendable. We have outsourced gaming projects to them and they have been been able to consult, design, develop and market the products for our clients. Keeping the complete visibility they have been able to deliver as per the plan discussed at the very beginning of the work. We are very happy to have a team like Logic Simplified who invariable always delivered what they promised.

2022-01-20 at 23:24:02

I have worked with Logic Simplified on multiple projects over the last several years. In each case, they have worked hard to accomplish the exact results I asked them for. From commercial apps to augmented reality apps, from Websites to virtual reality and even IoT cloud based projects - Logic Simplified has provided the expertise to accomplish our requirements from concept to prototype to finished products ready to launch. In each case, their work has reflected positively on us for our global customer base. I would not hesitate to recommend Logic Simplified for your coding projects. Feel free to contact me if you have specific questions. [email protected] www.ideatomarket.com

2022-01-20 at 23:24:02

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