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Login2Tech Websoft Pvt. Ltd.

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About Login2Tech Websoft Pvt. Ltd.

Login2Tech Websoft of Jaipur, India creates websites that attract visitors, provide great user experience, and generate more traffic and leads that turn into customers. We are a Jaipur, India based web design, mobile web design, and SEO company.

We started over 9 years ago from a room providing basic services to what we are today; a full-service digital agency. Sometimes we even feel we are all grown up now. We have two offices and have worked with some amazing companies over the years.





Remy Sharp
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Latest client reviews for Login2Tech Websoft Pvt. Ltd.

Ishant and his team have been working on www.practicingmusician.com for about a year now. Every single job has been delivered on time, within the original scope, and for the quoted price. We have already agreed to bring on 4 of Ishant's developers full time when we receive our first round of institutional funding. I cannot recommend Login2Tech highly enough.

2022-01-20 at 23:06:16


Eugene Dobryakov

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I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with Ishant and Login2Tech for over a year now. They are true full stack developers and they are exactly the people I needed to design and maintain my website. I literally had a domain name and nothing else. And Ishant and his team took me from inception to go-live in about 3 months. I did a rough draft of what I envisioned the website would look like. They helped me make informed decisions regarding the architecture of the website. Once they started development, in the 3-month period, they built a dynamic website using Node.js, set up a database, integrated Amazon AWS, a merchant account, and an SSL Certificate. When it came time to do regression testing, Ishant and his team continuously helped me weed out any bugs and made any changes necessary. At one point I ran into some trouble with the merchant account, outside the scope of their work. We had trouble with Web Hooks. Ishant and his team worked with the merchant and I to resolve that issue. By the time we went live, we went from an idea on a piece of paper to a fully functioning online business. Ishant and his team provided postproduction support and they continue to provide support to this day, over a year later. In conclusion, I had over 40 bids for my project. I chose Login2Tech because they do good work. They design modern and clean websites. They are just as good as UI and UX as they are at being full stack developers. And this is hard to come by now a day. If you go with Login2Tech you’re in good hands.

2022-01-20 at 23:06:16

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