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Mifort Solutions

Romanovskaya Sloboda 5A, Belarus

Phone: +31641039634

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Remy Sharp
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We hired Mifort team for creating a platform receiving calls from social networks, websites, phones and CRMs in one place, creating Landing page to promote the Web Application.The work of the team was coordinated well thanks to the Project Manager. The project manager clearly and quickly got my ideas. Mifort designer made the platform easy to use with good UI/UX design. Mifort provided Front-end developers created project with HTML/CSS and Angular, back-end developers worked on their side with Java. Team also created OpenSource library as a wrapper over WebRTC. Mifort built a cloud communication application making it possible to receive a call in one place and answer to it in browser or mobile application. Developers added recording function and logic for statistics of calls in order see what takes a lot of time and, consequently, improve people's business communication. I am very satisfied with the work that Mifort have done.

Remy abc

Aliaksandr Yancheuski

2022-01-20 at 22:45:44

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Mifort have created a building infrastructure management project. The project helps to manage building with automated system, allows to save spendings on it and increases productivity. If I ever had a question about anything under the sun, they were available to me. I could just reach out to them and they would pretty much always have an answer for me. I also like how everything related to the project was on a Scrum board and I saw what was going on in real-time. This project allowed us to save 15% of the estimated spendings on the building and increase productivity by 50%. It became useful for such companies as Reagan National Airport, Toyota, Kindred Healthcare, Goodyear Tire, Rubber Company and etc.

Remy abc

Ilya Shumilin

2022-01-20 at 22:45:44

Rating Cloodo

e needed to create the mortgage calculator that gives advice about buying and renting houses for migrants in Switzerland. We looked through many outsourcing companies and contacted Mifort finally. Alexey, the CTO at Mifort, gave detailed answers to all our questions regarding work and task-oriented project estimation. I flew to Mifort’s office to meet the team, discuss work and sign a contract. Mifort team implemented the architecture of Online Mortgage Advice application in Angular 9 for Switzerland Bank. Implemented 20 calculation filters that make analytics via 15 characteristics added by users and assisted in the decision-making process. Developed various types of charts for data analytics (bar charts, donut charts and etc). Developed features show users 10 different graphs in D3.js. Implemented download reports in PDF format. Implemented integration with Google Analytics, Tag Manager to control user behavior and Mailchimp to send mails.Built advisor Application is used by more than 1000 people a day, it is expected to have 10.000 people a day in the near future.I was not expecting that the very first Project that I work with Mifort will go that smoth. Will definitely work with Mifort on future projects.

We needed to create a stable blockchain gaming platform. Mifort was recommended to me by my familiars at investment meetups. We hired 2 project teams: 2 Project Managers, 9 Developers, 2 Testers and 1 DevOps. Marketing and business analysis were developed on our own. Mifort team consists of active and responsive professionals, which helped us to come up with multiple ways to solve any issues that arose, due to it the MVP version has already earned more close to $1M. Mifort created the PHT (or ERC20) token on the Ethereum Blockchain platform and developed popular games.

About Mifort Solutions

Mifort Solutions is a dynamic IT company that provides product development and also outsourcing of web development services. Our company aims at helping companies to build business process.The main goals of the company are high quality of work and project in-time delivery. The qualified members of our team find an individual approach to each customer and each project, considering all inquiries, wishes and features of business processes. We bring fresh ideas in any sphere of your business for the purpose to increase the operational efficiency of your company.





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