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cloodo - Agency Listing - MjSeo Agency

MjSeo Agency

355 S. Grand Ave,, United States

Phone: +1 424 208 0286

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Remy Sharp
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Yuliia Dmytrenko

2022-01-20 at 23:32:21

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MjSeo helped Canna Fair to prepare an English version of the site to hit the first page of Google so that more customers know about our event. A technical SEO audit of the site was carried out, after which critical errors were eliminated:* Optimization of the service rate of the linked pages, (according to the Core Web Vitals)* Usunennya dubliv, 404 sides* Usuneniya redirects* Optimization of title tags* optimization of meta-tags description* Optimization of H-headers and page structure* Content part optimization* the analysis of competitors in the niche was also carried out.Good management and planning. Very good approach to the client!

About MjSeo Agency

MjSeo, a new name in cannabis SEO, is offering comprehensive audits of cannabis sites in the US. The agency’s analysis helps businesses optimize promotional strategies for better profitability. The agency has announced that these services are now available free of charge. 

MjSeo helps companies create efficient marketing strategies. Its services help them achieve the best measurable results despite the existing restrictions, such as the ban of PPC advertising. The audit includes an overview of the current ranking and efficiency of SEO, as well as digital marketing tactics. It is free for all providers of cannabis and cannabis-derived products, from medical and recreational dispensaries to accessory producers to transporters. 

The purpose of the audit is to determine how well a website performs, and what practices can boost its popularity and profitability. MjSeo experts examine a broad range of aspects. Their analysis pinpoints content gaps and opportunities, revealing issues related to:

  • Technical SEO 
  • On-page SEO 
  • Website structure 
  • User experience 
  • Potential problems off-site 

This ‘health check’ delivers actionable marketplace insights, as the agency identifies current obstacles for sales. The conclusions and recommendations may be used to expand reach and profitability through better national and local SEO, as well as link building. 

MjSeo exclusively focuses on SEO strategies for the cannabis segment. It offers tailored services, including customer needs analysis and SEO. Its customers have seen their traffic surge and their websites have risen to the top of search engine rankings. The company’s personalized promotional tactics help companies thrive in the digital space. 





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