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cloodo - Agency Listing - Mobikasa Inc,

Mobikasa Inc,

135 Madison Ave, 5th Floor, United States

Phone: 1 (646)-880-4504

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Remy Sharp
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Working with Mobikasa has been such a positive experience and exceeded my expectations. I had been working with another developer before then, but they had suddenly become unavailable weeks before my store launch date. Mobikasa stepped in on short notice, and helped me feel assured that I would meet my launch date and that I was in good hands. Communication and responsiveness was excellent and very professional from start to finish. For any questions or concerns I had through the process, Tushar and Hitesh helped answer them and made me feel better assured. Competency and ability to finish a project deadlines— amazing!! The developing team was very patient and great in paying attention to details I’d layed out. A+++ across the board for this team!! Will continue to work with them in the future!

Remy abc

Priyanshu Panda

2022-01-20 at 23:03:40

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Mobikasa went above and beyond with their quality work, communication, updates, and client service. From the initial discussions about potential project development to the delivery of the final product, they were professional, reliable, effective and transparent. The designs and the development of our Mobile App. were truly incredible. I highly recommend their services to anyone who is looking to hire them for any relevant projects and development. All in all, after searching through many other development companies, Mobikasawas a great choice to work with.

Remy abc

Anannya Agrawal

2022-01-20 at 23:03:40

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One of my close friend suggested Mobikasa for my website (https://www.mangopeopleshop.com/) and thankfully it happened to us. We handed over them our website to revamp and started for mobile apps in both platforms. Their team is technically sound to understand the business requirements and easily implemented in our apps. We got our product which is being liked by everyone and enjoying the continuous relationship with Mobikasa. Would recommend Mobikasa to all my friends if you are looking for having a new website.

Remy abc

Swati Singhania Chandra

2022-01-20 at 23:03:40

Rating Cloodo

Three years back got a referral from a friend for this company (MOBIKASA) for my website (https://www.mypoojabox.in/) . It was quite easy to start working with them. Each member I interacted with was prompt, creative and had a good technical knowledge to suffice to my website and app specifications/ designs. They met all my expectations and had lot of insight regarding marketing tools that I didnt know existed.Deliverables were on time as per prior commitments. I would highly recommend Mobikasa to anyone who would like to get a new website made.

About Mobikasa Inc,

Mobikasa is a full-service web, tablet and mobile application development company established in 2008, with a wide-ranging set of technology capabilities to deliver your business needs. We are head quartered in NYC with different offices in New Delhi and Sweden. Led by a team of certified design and coding experts, we don’t measure ourselves by who we are, but by what we have designed, developed and deployed.





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