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About Mobiteam

We are your proven design, web-development and consulting partner in Berlin!

This is Mobiteam!

Mobiteam is the web development company with 8 years of experience, 14 professionals, 3 own startups, and 2 exits to US and UK companies in 2017. We are specialized in the design & development of e-commerce, corporate, and personal high-quality websites. With the head office in the heart of Berlin.

Our clients get websites that sell, attract, and obtain market and customer's respect!

Our Work Process:

  1. Meeting & Listening: First, we will have a meeting and listen to your wishes & needs. What you want to get from us
  2. Design: We master Photoshop & Sketch. Will prepare the wireframes, design book, mockups, logos, banners, and all the visual materials
  3. Validation: Next phase is to get your validation. When all is cool, you will approve the visual identity, concept, styles, colors
  4. Coding: And here we start the development process, in a SCRUM and AGILE environment with frequent updates on the progress from our side
  5. Launch: We will take care of the whole technical launch, prepare the environment so that you enjoy the launch as easy as a Facebook like
  6. Maintain: After this beautiful journey, 93% of all our clients give us their websites for the tech maintenance and design updates whenever they need

If you are looking for design, web-development, and consulting services, you can trust Mobiteam to deliver high-quality results. Click here to visit our website and learn more about our agency.

Mobiteam is a trusted name in the web development industry, with a proven track record and a focus on customer satisfaction. Visit our website to see how we can help you achieve your online goals.

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