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49 Sicheslavska Naberezhna, Ukraine


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Remy Sharp
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Our client was targeting on Sweden market, and one of our website showed a more than 20% conversion rate which is very good. Now, we are working on raising funds to create an app and I’m pretty sure we will work with them on this project too.We had access to Kanban board and to Slack channel where the team was available. All the topics were discussed and there was no topic that was evaded. There was a jump on Facebook ads at midnight that could lead to quite big money loss. So, I tried to call and ask to stop ads, and that’s what molfar.io did right away. Despite the point that we are in the same time zone.

Remy abc

Yuliia Danylova

2022-01-20 at 23:23:35

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I was happy to work with molfar.io for one social media startup. Their Project manager was absolutely awesome. He literally took me, a newbie, by the hand and showed me how this business works. Before hiring molfar team I had an interview with 7-9 companies, and all that they wanted from me is a prepayment. But this team helped me understand what I really want/need, and only then we started our collaboration.

Remy abc

Sergey Pirogov

2022-01-20 at 23:23:35

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I like how we did it with molfar.io team. They are doing awesome MVPs and apps. Everything was really great.

Maxwell Koenig

2022-01-20 at 23:23:35

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It was great working with Ivan and the team at Molfar. I had the initial idea and design for my app and Molfar ran with it. They worked with me to take my idea and turn it into a functional product. Along the way they always kept me informed of the app's progress and any issues that came up. Their experience with iOS and the Apple Watch SDK was invaluable. They were always available to talk and had the patience necessary to work with a newbie like me. Highly recommended.

About molfar.io

MVP development. Faster than anywhere else.

Don't have an extra $50k - $70k to test your business idea? It's a typical situation. A lot of companies will suggest spending this amount of money. But this approach is both bad and difficult. We can help you to do it for $10k or less. We believe, that all ideas can be done in a smarter, more efficient, and cost effective way.





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