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F-245 Industrial Area, Ph-8B,, India

Phone: +919464764194

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About Naxtre

Naxtre was conceived with the idea to bring technological empowerment in business processes and productivity.

Founded in 2015, Naxtre is an ambitious venture by North India’s leading Technopreneur, Mr Nikhil Gupta, who has played the role of Idea Catalyst successfully for two ventures in the past. Inspired by their success and value-addition, Nikhil ideated and conceptualized Naxtre to be the Next generation Enterprise Mobility solution company. Naxtre is just the right company giving the right Mobility Leverage for all those smart business organizations which are looking for optimizing their digital marketing.

The company has a robust infrastructure and an even stronger zeal to design visually compelling web apps, goal-centric Mobile apps and functionality-focuses SaaS (Software As A Service). From the very word brief till the completion of the entire App development project, Naxtre’s sole focus remains on adding weight and value to our client’s digital presence. The client may just ask us to make his business technology-friendly; it is our proactive approach that ensures client’s every step in this direction unleashes infinite possibilities for growth.

A team of smart, tech-savvy and proficient designers and developers work in tandem to deliver results in spite of near-impossible challenges, crazy deadlines and even shoestring budget! Wondering how we do it? Take a look !





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