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st. Business, 5-B, Ukraine

Phone: +38 (044) 333-92-82

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Remy Sharp
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We wanted to increase the number of visitors to the site. That's why we turned to Netroket for promotion. Stages of work: 1) Niche and competitor analysis. 2) Collecting keywords and creating an extended website structure. 3) Creation of new landing pages. 4) On-page optimization. 5) Content Marketing. 6) Link building. The main work on collecting key phrases, drawing up the structure and writing content was done in the first month of work. Then all the forces were directed to link building. I analyzed the link profile of the main competitors and built a strategy. I used different methods to get backlinks. After 2 months, I noticed that users started referring to the website in comparison articles. Thus, the link mass has increased. I also continue to work on the blog, which also brings organic traffic to the site. In 9 months, traffic increased from 8,000 users to 45,000

Remy abc

Сергей Чураков

2022-01-20 at 23:31:18

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Our team needed help with our online presence and to give us strategies to improve our promotion. We really wanted to understand how best to leverage our spending and which promotion channel would give us the most value, whether it was YouTube, Instagram, Google Ads, or Facebook Ads. We were looking for the best way to move forward in terms of growth. I was doing a little research for the SEO consultants who work with me. After reading some of the reviews I also found, it helped me decide to contact Netrocket.It was mid-level Search Engine Optimization tasks such as website technical analysis, keyword expansion, onsite metadata analysis, linking to other websites, creating customized reports for clients, creative problem-solving, responding to trouble tickets, managing projects and other tasks as assigned.What's most impressive about them is the breadth of Netrocket knowledge. They understand data analytics and what it means for the organization. Their work is very detailed, accurate and informative/

Remy abc

Иван Романчук

2022-01-20 at 23:31:18

Rating Cloodo

We needed to widen our digital visibility. We sought to expand our digital blueprint on all our platforms by improving our SEO and Google Ads.Having fixed our website errors, Netrocket now works with us on SEO, including content writing. They also support our PPC marketing campaign for Google Ads.We’ve seen quality leads. Netrocket implemented a technology that shot up our leads and improved their quality too. We’re a higher-ticket item, so the quality of our leads is important to us.

Remy abc

Timur Khidirov

2022-01-20 at 23:31:18

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I hired Netrocket to drive organic traffic from search engines to the website and to help improve SERP ranking.The scope of work in detail, including the project steps:1. SEO and technical audit of the website.2. Full on-page optimization.3. Competitors` analysis.4. Linkbuilding strategy.5. Keyword research.6. Content plans for text improvement.7. Content writing.8. SEO monitoring.I’ve seen the positive dynamic for the main SEO points. But I understand that lots of internal factors influence greatly on the SEO results, so not everything has met my expectations. They have their own working style in white hat SEO thet I was happy with

We were building websites without thinking about how they’d attract traffic. We needed help with SEO. The project included:1) Collection and analysis of data and results.2) Making a report.3) Optimizing landing pages for search engine marketing.4) Continuous discovery, expansion and optimization of keywords.5) Study and implementation of recommendations for search engine optimization.6) Competitor analysis.7) Developing and implementing a link-building strategy.8) Recommendations for changes in website architecture, content, links and other factors to improve SEO rankings for targeted keywords.We have seen some activity, including more leads and calls. It was slow at the beginning and it’s steadily getting better.

Elena Popova

2022-01-20 at 23:31:18

Rating Cloodo

We hired Netrocket to helps us to bring our target clients to the website.We started with a meeting so that Netrocket could better understand what my goals were. They told how they could help and went over their SEO plan with me. They break down the plan into milestones. After each step, I was notified and consulted with my project manager when necessary.We have completely trusted Netrocket's team. We did not interfere with the work process, but we were always in the know about the current tasks.We've seen a considerable jump in organic traffic, as well as keyword search rankings. Very easy to communicate with them. Very knowledgeable of what they do. Definitely Netrocket delivers what they promise.

About Netrocket

NETROCKET is a Digital Marketing agency with main expertise in SEO and PPC. We help to scale your Business and get more Profit, using organic and paid channels online:

  1. Search engine optimization of your website in Google (SEO);
  2. Advertising in Google: Search ads, Display media ads;
  3. Video advertising on Youtube;
  4. Advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin;
  5. Local SEO and Local advertising.

We work with different types of online business:

  • e-commerce, Shopify shops; service provider, company websites; info-websites; SAAS.

Our clients are from different business niches:

  • Law companies, Legal Tech;
  • Travel companies, ticket services, booking websites;
  • Medical centers, hospitals, etc;
  • Fintech companies, Banks, Insurance;
  • etc.

We work with different size companies: some spend only $2000 on their monthly ads and with others, we manage budgets of $150.000 per month on the promotion of their business online.

Our team based in Ukraine and we work with clients all around the world: Australia, Japan, Singapore, Israel, France, Italy, Germany, Canada, and The USA.

Netrocket is a very diverse agency. We're all different! We're young people with different professional and LIFE experiences. We sit together in the same office, we have very fast and good communication with each other.

We learn much from each other, we visit SEO and Digital Marketing conferences to learn from other experts. We speak at those conferences and share our experiences.
We have our own School - Netrocket Academy. Teach SEO and PPC technics.

All these make our experience unique and useful for business. We're looking for a long-term collaboration for 12+ months because during this time we can deliver a real added value to your business and we have such success stories when we work with clients for 5+ years and still deliver great results.

So, if you're really serious about your business promotion online, let's talk, go to the details, discuss everything and just make it happen!

Grow online! Together. #Netrocket





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