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About Nineseven

Nineseven is a web development agency specializing on E-commerce. Our main priority is to provide measurable results with best service for our clients and great UX experience for their customers. We work at e-commerce market more than 15 years and the main idea of starting own business was to create best way of developing e-commerce solutions based on our experience. Now we support one of the biggest e-commerce projects in our country.

We are a distributed resource company. We have in-house team, and with that, we have built several teams of our developers as separate units. Now we work as a managing company. We design architecture of e-commerce project, manage the whole team of frontend and backend developers and control the UX creation process. Our team cover all e-commerce needs starting from design development and ending with external service integration.

We have highly specialization and it helps us to create maximum optimized processes for e-shop development. This means that our solutions already tested with our customers and best of them we use in our daily routine. Our team works with e-commerce for years, so our experience covers many typical issues and we can provide optimal solution without wasting client’s money and time.

We work with all industries who need to sell their products and services, but most of our clients was from the retail, automotive, telecommunication and finance sectors.

We inspect client’s documentation. Main parameters are project structure and external integrations. Integrations part could be tricky, because we should know how your applications share information – format and transport protocol. Our business-analyst can manage it for you. We can develop complete specification for your, with prototypes, integrations, backend and frontend architecture. Using this specification, we are able to roadmap, and detailed cost estimation based on a chosen technology stack.

Our specialization is Magento and Bitrix development. Both of this CMS is a powerful platforms that allows us to build e-commerce products fast with high quality. Both of them have strong community of partners, good support and many built-in functions. However, if we are developing e-shop with hundreds of thousands products with thousands of customers per day, we use frameworks such as Laravel and Yii because they work faster when processing large chunks of data than CMS products.





Remy Sharp
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Жанна Селина

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The project had a task in the shortest terms (about 3 weeks) to develop 2 interactive greeting cards that would allow congratulating the colleagues and partners of our company with Happy new year.We developed 2 videos for these cards and further integrated them into our domains, implementing the logic of mailing, entering personal data and switching language versions. Additionally, the letter of congratulation templates was developed, so that our partners will be able to receive not just text in a letter, but a stylized html letter. The results impressed us, in addition to video greeting cards, we received a detailed mailing logic. The project was ready on time and it was doubly pleasant.The process was as efficient as possible, and communication with studio specialists left only pleasant impressions. The guys decided all our questions!

2022-01-20 at 22:44:58


Vladimir Butko

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Nineseven was tasked with creating a high-performance, fault-tolerant, scalable and modern platform for an online store. Objectives:● resource with high magnification goods● store failsafe operation at> 30,000 daily sessions● introduction of functional shopping platform, increasing conversion and customer loyalty● modern responsive designWe were attracted by the high expertise and competence of Nineseven. The company offered optimal and understandable solutions to our problems.The project implementation lifted the existing restrictions on the development of our company and opened up new opportunities for a significant increase in customer satisfaction. Work on the development of the project continues and we feel the effect of the work done in the form of an increase in the positive feedbacks from customers, increasing conversion and sales.For a long time of teamwork, rarely there were questions in interaction and efficiency, however, they were effectively solved by teams.

2022-01-20 at 22:44:58

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