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75 E. Santa Clara St. Floor 9., United States

Phone: +14086413253

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Remy Sharp
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The need that our company had was to expand the business abroad, aiming to create local teams in different countries that would allow us to connect with companies interested in entering China.Our idea was to hire local employees without creating local companies with the whole process of opening a company and management that would have required more time and higher costs.The solution that we have undertaken together with NNRoad was the PEO. This solution allowed us not only to hire employees in the countries where we wanted to expand (especially South East Asia), but also to manage all the legal aspects related to HR and payroll, thus freeing us from high costs and saving time to start our business abroad.After one year of relationship with NNRoad, we can say that we are fully satisfied and the support we receive from the company is continuous and always professional.

Giacomo Verde

2022-01-20 at 23:39:19

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Our company needed a partner that would allow business expansion into other countries.Our biggest problem was human resources management in the countries where we wanted to expand. We understood that the incorrect management of employees, wages, payroll, and everything related to employment could slow down our expansion.After an online search for possible solutions, we got in touch with NNRoad who proposed to us the solution of PEO and employment outsourcing.It was indeed the perfect solution for us, as we didn't need to manage all the employment relationships, and we could do all this without establishing a local company in the countries where we wanted to expand. NNRoad was able to take care of HR, payroll, benefits administration, supporting us with any kind of problems that could arise.The professionalism and competence demonstrated by NNRoad immediately convinced us of the solution and after 3 years of using their services, we can say that we are fully satisfied and we strongly recommend this partner for any company that wants to expand business abroad, saving costs and time for human resources management.

About NNRoad

NNRoad is a cross-border market entry partner based in California, USA. We are a one-stop solution for HR, company formation, and legal administration needs when expanding into new markets.

We provide top-quality employment solutions, company formation, payroll services, statutory benefits administration, visa processing, and accounting services. At NNRoad, we understand the difficulties that companies face when trying to hire and deploy staff or navigate complex foreign jurisdictions. We are committed to providing our clients with comprehensive, cost-effective solutions tailored to their specific business needs.

At NNRoad, our mission is to make global business easier and more accessible no matter where you are based. We provide service in more than 38 countries.





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