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cloodo - Agency Listing - NOTO IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd

NOTO IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd

8/266, Shaheed Amit Bhardwaj Marg, Behind UDB Corporate Tower, Malviya Nagar, India

Phone: 0141-2554503

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Remy Sharp
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Remy abc

Evans A

2022-01-20 at 23:00:37

Rating Cloodo

I would like to recommend Noto solutions and say they live out what their moto say "the way You need IT". We had a small budget, big task to perform and looked around for different options we could use and ended up using Noto solutions. We considered hiring, but the job would not be permanent and would cost too much in overhead without clear future plans for the new employee.We interviewed several consulting firms and different web/app developers but none matched the experience, the depth of knowledge and flexibility we got from Noto solutions. We picked them as our solutions/implementation partner.We had a project kick off meeting, their project lead introduced his team. We explained our vision and they completely got it right the first time and even gave us some suggestion from their prior experience that improved our project. The knowledge this team has is priceless. If you want to work with those that has done the work, those that will deliver on time, those that are attentive to your needs, those that will work off hours to support you on your time schedule, those that will offer the best after deployment support, then Noto solutions is the team to work with.8 months after deployment we still got support when we ran into some issues with our database free of charge. This group is amazing. They are a five star.

Remy abc

Kiara Melissa

2022-01-20 at 23:00:37

Rating Cloodo

Working with Amit and Ashish has been the very best part of my little project. I was nervous looking for a developer online, not sure of what I was getting myself into, but from the very first conversation with Amit I felt so assured that he and his team knew exactly what they were doing and would be the right people to work with.They are the most understanding, competent and intelligent people - where parts of the project were not well planned out by myself, they offered great advice and suggestions which I am very thankful for. Amit, Ashish and the entire NOTO IT Solutions team have helped me to bring my dream to life and I will forever be grateful to them for this. I cannot recommend them highly enough!

Remy abc

George Oluoch

2022-01-20 at 23:00:37

Rating Cloodo

Wonderful team to Work. Excellent command on technical skills and communication level is remarkable. I loved the way my Project was managed and i was always updated with all recent happenings

Remy abc

Fernando Sandoval Lazaro

2022-01-20 at 23:00:37

Rating Cloodo

Our experience was good, the company is extremely committed and have an excelent team.

Remy abc

Raoul Bhatt

2022-01-20 at 23:00:37

Rating Cloodo

I've worked with Noto Solutions for 10 years, and I've run my software company for nearly 22 years. They are by far the best, and most reliable team on the planet. I genuinely mean this too, you'll meet lots of fly by night providers on freelance websites, which come and go, and have low skill sets, or they are too big and corporate run that there's no personal touch to commitment to your projects. With Noto IT Solutions, they care, they provide one-on-one customer service, which make you feel special and provide you the attention to make your projects successful. Also, they are key motivators for me, keeping me on schedule and meeting timelines. Also they have provided white label services which reduce load on my local project managers, effeciently communicating directly with clients, while maintaining the respect of my company brand.I will use them for years to come. Thank you Ashish and Vipin for your professional service and tireless energy to myself and my clients.

Remy abc

Hennie Meiring

2022-01-20 at 23:00:37

Rating Cloodo

Noto is a team of highly capable developers with unparalleled skills. Great understanding of complex concepts and the ability to communicate well with individuals/teams at any level.

Remy abc

Clay Jeppsen

2022-01-20 at 23:00:37

Rating Cloodo

Vipin and his team at Noto have been a real blessing to me and my wife’s business Arizona Bride Guide! Not only was his team excited and engaged in what we were trying to accomplish, I felt like I really had another member of ABG working for me. He took time to recommend good, strategic business ideas along with superior development, and beautiful design. NOTO created a very complex community membership site me. They were helpful along the process and took time to explain what they were doing. Whenever I had a request or a change to make, they did so with pleasure and kindness, until I was happy! I give the highest recommendation to NOTO and will use them as long as I am in business!

Remy abc


2022-01-20 at 23:00:37

Rating Cloodo

We have been working with Noto since many years now. They understand the requirements and give us the exact and best results. Working with them is worth it. We recommend them to others too.

Remy abc

Lenore Padro

2022-01-20 at 23:00:37

Rating Cloodo

Literally use any other company to develop your website. They took my money and provided me with lots of empty promises. I have no website, I've lost the money as they refuse to refund me, and now I have to hire someone else to do the job! Unprofessional and incompetent.

Lucid Outsourcing Solutions Pvt Ltd

2022-01-20 at 23:00:37

Rating Cloodo

Noto Team did an extraordinary job, Not only they care about timeline but also suggested best possible solutions for my product. Well organized and perfectly executed. I am completely satisfied.

About NOTO IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd


NOTO IT Solutions is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified Web and App Development Company based at Jaipur (Raj.), India with various corporate offices placed in USA, Australia, Canada and Singapore.

NOTO IT Solutions is one of the largest hub of talented and domain-expert developers that have an extensive knowledge and experience of working on latest development frameworks. Our developers at NOTO are globally acknowledged for their ingenious command over Native and Hybrid App Development, PHP Development, JS development, Python, Angular.JS, Node.JS, BootStrap-4, Root.io, Blockchain etc. We are known for bringing agility and scalability to enterprises, we custom build products to meet your enterprise unique needs. Our Custom Web Development Solution guided our wayin generating a wide client base in various industries such as Finance, Transport, Legal, Media, Manufacturing and Health.

Our work proficiency and high-quality benchmarks have helped the company earn quality marks and prestigious associations from Microsoft, Amazon, eBay, Acquia, Kentico etc. Our work is exceptional, highly-functional and built to deliver premium results, here we are at par with industry’s regular quality standards.

Since our inception we have had the honour of serving 100+ successful projects of different business domains in top-notch countries including US, UK, Canada, UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, and New Zealand.

At NOTO IT Solutions we provide care, support and maintenance that guarantee smooth business operations. The repetitive business that we have is a client testimony, confirming our belief in forming long term relations. Our dedication fires our drive for innovation and intact the essence of uniqueness.  We at NOTO, deliver you development the way you need it!





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