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Voskresensky Prospekt, 17, Russia

Phone: +7 (495)-128-3994

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Remy Sharp
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Justin Hepner

2022-01-20 at 23:05:51

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The client is a mobile application developer who wanted to build an Android and iOS mobile application that could help people train for distance running. The application helps you to plan out your workout regimes and provides you with detailed statistics for the same. The client is highly satisfied with Omega-R because of their technical knowledge and excellent support services. The client appreciates their pricing and their timeliness on delivering the project and recommends them highly to their colleagues.

Jeff Moore

2022-01-20 at 23:05:51

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The client is a company that was created with the mission and vision to inspire children and young entrepreneurs of all ages to follow their dreams and passion. It is a gaming application where your job is to feed your cat as much chicken wings, or curly wings, as possible. The client wanted to develop Android & iOS applications for the game. They are very much satisfied with Omega-R because of their technical knowledge and the ideas suggested by them. They appreciate their timeliness on the project and highly recommend them.

Ahmed Alasalli

2022-01-20 at 23:05:51

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The client is an individual who wanted to develop an iPad application which teaches users how to learn to play a guitar. The application’s unique technology will tell you whether the nodes that you play on the guitar are correct or not. It provides users with real-time feedback, video tutorials, lessons, learning path etc. The client praises Omega-R for their expertise used on this project and is completely satisfied with the unique technology used in developing this application for iPad. The client strongly recommends Omega-R because of their amazing quality of work and quick processes. 

About Omega

We create innovative software for the largest companies in Russia, United States and all over the globe.


Omega is a professional mobile application developer based in New York, NY. Our main focuses are business, education, and the gaming industry. We are a global mobile app development company that helps business owners and appreneurs to increase their revenues by developing custom mobile solutions.

We have worked in the mobile app and game development industry for over 9 years in total and their experience cover Design, Programming, QA and Project Management. They have been involved in the creation of 200-plus native apps for iPhone/iPod, iPad, and Android handsets and tablets.

We are constantly improving and using the most innovative solutions such as cross-platform approaches, in order to keep your development costs as low as possible.

Our team includes over 80+ professional programmers, designers, QA-engineers, and project managers all working under one roof. We have robust business practices that are transparent to our clients.





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