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Ontoborn Technologies LLC

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About Ontoborn Technologies LLC

Ontoborn is a small talented team of top quality developers specializing in helping startups with engineering and building high-quality SAAS platforms including web applications, mobile web applications, iOS apps, Android apps and watch apps.

Many individuals and companies have a huge need for remote software teams across the globe, but fail to succeed in finding one or setting up their own unless they have a huge budget. Ontoborn helps such customers by providing on-demand developers at 25% of the cost(compared to hiring developers in the US, UK, Europe, and Australia).

Clients can hire a dedicated top quality developer or hire a team of developers from us at a very affordable cost. All our developers are in-house and are high performers. We accept only the top 2% of the applications that we receive. Depending on their needs clients can choose new grads, mid-level or expert developers. All our effort is billed hourly starting from $25/hr (for a new grad) and goes up to $50/hr(for experts). We also have a wide variety of pricing plans suitable for startups.





Remy Sharp
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Latest client reviews for Ontoborn Technologies LLC

Ontoborn has shown a willingness to take on tough modelling and coding challenges and has delivered tangible results every time. While good technical and communication skills are what gives Ontoborn their edge, their professional approach to servicing customer requests makes them a good company to work with. We will continue to use their services.

2022-01-20 at 23:24:06

Ontoborn developed a SaaS platform for us. The team was able to understand the requirements and deliver the project on time. The platform was designed to be used by poultry farmers to manage all aspects of their poultry farming, the team was able to understand the requirements and gave us directions on what would be the best way to implement the project for ease of use by our customers. The team developed the platform from scratch and was able to adapt to the ongoing changes that was requested by us. We are pleased with the project outcome. They were able to implement all features that we requested. We would highly recommend the team to anyone looking for a development team. They are easy to work with, understand your requirements and provide constant updates throughout the project timeframe.

2022-01-20 at 23:24:06


Andrew Heckler

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Ontoborn has built a software app from scratch for us. It serves thousands/week, and is in an educational setting, so it is critical that the app is highly dependable, student (and instructor) friendly, and secure. Overall, they have been excellent, and I would highly recommend them if you have need of developers with a broad range of abilities. They were very professional, hard working, mindful of details, and responsive. They don't say "no we can't do that", rather they find solutions. They are quick to learn new standards and methods when needed. They are friendly and easy to work with, and they care about the product, so that brings a special insight into achieving quality and finding creative and novel functionality. Finally, they understand critical, time sensitive issues and have been great at dealing with unexpected "crises".

2022-01-20 at 23:24:06

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