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Opus Growth Partners

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About Opus Growth Partners

Fast forward to lockdown 2020. A world on hold. Cut off from clients and projects, we had an opportunity to create a different type of business to the ones we were used to running. An agency that unashamedly put customer profits and measurable return on investment at the heart of the offering.

So we dusted off the models we’d used to generate leads and opportunities with executives at global brands. We sharpened our copywriting pencils; tested (almost) every piece of lead gen software on the market; built up our prospecting ‘stack’; and developed the Opus lead generation strategy.

Since then we’ve served clients in over 15 different sectors. We’ve created opportunities for customers with executives from some of the world’s best known brands. Our clients have closed millions of pounds of business based on the leads we’ve brought in. Some of them have doubled the headcount at already successful businesses.





Remy Sharp
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Latest client reviews for Opus Growth Partners

We are an online educational platform connecting students and instructors across the world. We were referred to them by our existing outsourcing partner, who was previously responsible for lead generation and other services. They decided to eliminate lead generation from their service offering, and introduced us to their new strategic partner, as they wanted to focus more on other BPO services. We had an introductory meeting with their CEO and as they had a background relevant to our offering and platform they easily understood our requirement and were able to prove that to us during the introductory call, so we decided to proceed with them. Initially it was disappointing that I had to change my lead gen vendor, but ultimately I have been grateful for the recommendation and have found a long term specialist lead gen partner. Upon success of being one of the most reliable online platforms for students in the Gulf region looking for courses to attend online instead of having to visit private tutors at their home, we have decided to start a new offering which is becoming a reliable online platform for online staff training. This requirement needed a huge database of companies and some research to know which companies to approach. It was a difficult task for us, but easy for them as they had a research team who was able to scrape data of decision makers in organizations that are currently scaling who could be interested in deploying a training program for their staff to increase their productivity. They reached the decision makers via phone/email and other communication channels. The sales team filled our calendar with appointments and joined us on the call to help us close the deal.

2022-01-20 at 23:45:27


Kris Samara

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We are a leading BPO firm with 2 offices running to serve our clients, we offer services such as Customer Support, Lead-Generation, Sales, Technical Support and more. We were approached by their COO via Linkedin as we have a mutual connection, he seemed professional and was able to address the pain points we are facing when it comes to Lead Generation and outreach. They were able to provide us with references from the United States & United Kingdom and it seems that their clients are well satisfied by their services, so we decided to give them a try!Their pricing was very competitive, and they offered a service that really went beyond what I was expecting. When it comes to lead generation, things are not not as simple as it sounds. It’s an integrated process that consumes a lot of time, effort and resources. In 2021 our plan was to focus more on our weak areas, trying to enhance it with better solutions. That is when we brought in Opus Growth Partners to take the burden off our shoulders and help us retain 2 projects that were at risk in that moment. We tried Opus with these 2 projects and it turned out to be very successful and our clients were very satisfied, resulting in the renewal of the contract.

2022-01-20 at 23:45:27

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