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About Orvador

Orvador is a boutique SEO digital marketing agency working with startups and social enterprises to help them grow online.

We provide sustainable eCommerce growth marketing to brands that are into sustainable eCommerce businesses. Believing in their idea, we aim to provide them sustainable eCommerce SEO to help them compete in the market online.

We at Orvador strive to create the right space for your brand in the market. With a mix of different marketing tools and optimal use of digital channels, we drive tangible business growth and create a positive impact on your business.

Started in 2019, our team of diverse digital marketing professionals, customize the marketing solutions for each of our customers. As a performance-driven ROI based growth marketing agency, we aim to make your brand grow online. With a finger on the pulse of your target audience, we are not just an agency, we are a strategic growth partner for your business growth. 

We understand your goals and workout unique strategies that best suit your business needs. We assist you to outgrow your potential and leverage business growth strategies to increase your profits sharply. Our strategy is to dig deep into your traffic data to provide 2X growth solutions, basis concrete data analysis, structured strategy, and logical execution. 

Always open to new ideas, we believe in proactively adopting the ever-changing industry to help your business grow no matter what. As a full-service growth led startup and e-commerce digital marketing and branding agency, we create marketing solutions that last!





Remy Sharp
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Latest client reviews for Orvador

As a young startup, what I'm looking for is a partner - Ajit and his team are exactly that - they are proactive, creative, energetic - always coming up with low cost innovative ways to build the brand and reduce CAC. Ajit does not limit his input to digital marketing - he is always pushing me to do better in adjacent areas including PR, customer service, partnerships and much more. I hope to find partners like Orvador for all parts of my business.

2022-01-20 at 23:21:41

Roopali Varma

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We have partnered with Orvador for SEO services only but Ajit and the team are dedicated, to provide constant support and knowledge to us in terms of web development, marketing, and promotional activities. The project budget was $10k for a duration of one year.They have a strong database, technical knowledge, and a dozen innovative ideas to achieve desired goals.Orvador, gives hands-on services to their clients.

2022-01-20 at 23:21:41

Anusha Kumari

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Orvador team has helped fix and set up the base for digital marketing for Educate girls in the short span of a few months. The team has extensive knowledge and experience of working in this domain both from Indian and global perspectives. They are always available for a quick consultation on any technical and related topics to help us achieve our business goals. We look forward to working with them on a long term basis. Our current budget is about $20k per year. But we hope to grow it consistently with Orvador's help.

2022-01-20 at 23:21:41

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