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Paras Technologies

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About Paras Technologies

Paras Technologies is a Software Development Company based in India, established in 2010, offering services in the USA, India, UK, Australia, Canada and all across the globe. We are dedicated to website development, website designing, iPhone, iPad, and Android applications development & designing, E-commerce, and online marketing. The team of experts has worked on more than 300 projects and with 200 clients worldwide. IT experts here are providing innovative, cost-effective, and timely solutions to the small, medium, and large-sized businesses.

We are a multi-service company committed to web solutions and help business owners advertise and launch new products and services in the digital market. The results are fast, effective, and reasonable to our clients.

Our designing and development team is always ready with endless ideas and creative assistance. Whether you need a simple website or a highly advanced web/cloud, desktop or mobile application that computes engineering scientific or calculations in an easy to use interface, we are always ready to assist you with proper suggestions. We specialize in delivering high-quality products and applications for various platforms.

Whether it’s custom software development, testing, system integration, or software assistance we have got all covered for you.





Remy Sharp
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Latest client reviews for Paras Technologies

This has been a terrible, time consuming & costly experience with Harish Kumar and his team from Paras Technologies who demanded more money 5 months into the job for a fixed price project.Firstly note the majority of this developers reviews are from their staff. I am a British company who agreed on a fixed price project with this developer on Freelancer.com. It took several weeks to prepare the scope of work.We spent a very long time discussing the project and agreed a price of $12,000USD for this first phase of the project.After 4 months of a frustratingly slow design phase, we were meant to start development.He then asked for an additional $3,180 USD, then the following week this increased to $7,000 due to "extra features". I agreed to remove them but then he still refused to do the work. At one point that then rose to $9,000 USD.He refused to communicate with me ignoring me for nearly 2 weeks. I have now discovered he did this so that the time for me to leave him a review on the freelancer platform would expire (I never knew this) but clearly he did. Then once that time was expired he cancelled the project.Really he just wanted the additional money. Waste of time.IMPORTANT NOTE: He will reply saying that I asked for extra work for free. That is simply not true. I know because he was lying to freelancer.com about it but they refunded my money.Infact even when we agreed to NOT do the so called "extra work", he stated he still needed $7,000 USD more.He said that is because he now thinks the original scope of work is more work than he thought it would be. This coming from a guy who apparently manages lots of large contracts and over 70 staff.You'll see that before the project started he promised to complete the project even at a loss. Now I am at a huge loss financially and 5 months behind schedule. I will now have to engage other developers and start from the very beginning. I've spent money on forming a new company, legal fees which are expensive in the UK, design fees, contracts and all sorts of other costs I've incurred.This is 5 months into the project. I paid him, in full, on time, everytime. I even released money to him early so that he could pay his staff despite the milestone not being completed.Never work with this developer on any project. You've been warned. DO NOT TRUST HIM OR HIS TEAM.

2022-01-20 at 22:42:20


Zack Gressmann, MBA

Rating Cloodo
Paras Technologies has helped us develop our first product which is a digital wallet that facilitates peer to peer and consumer to merchant transactions. As a start-up company, we needed a company that could help us bring our ideas to life, as well as work within our budget and Paras Technologies has done just that. The quality of our mobile platform has exceeded our expectations and has lead to more opportunities for us. We greatly appreciate the work that we have been able to do with Paras Technologies as part of our team.

2022-01-20 at 22:42:20


Oliver Weiss

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Paras Technologies has been extremely supportive in recent months of publishing our App HoHoManager for Android and iOS. The HoHomanager is an app that supports the owners and landlords of holiday apartments, holiday homes, cabins and small hotels in the rental and management. Lease agreements, change confirmations and cancellation confirmations can be created. The guest administration, as well as the communication in the middle of the guests, is supported. For each rental unit, a separate occupancy calendar is provided. The Paras Technologies team has put a lot of know-how and commitment to this project. I highly recommend them.

2022-01-20 at 22:42:19

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