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cloodo - Agency Listing - Planet Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Planet Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd

G-267, Sitapura Industrial area, India

Phone: +918952953777

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Remy Sharp
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Remy abc


2022-01-20 at 23:02:34

Rating Cloodo

Planet Web Solutions designed and developed my CakePHP website and Mobile Application from scratch. I had trust issues owing to a very bad experience with a local company in Oman, which was not able to develop my website. I was looking for a strong company which could help and support me. Planet Web Solutions worked closely with me patiently, took responsibility, delivered Website & App and now working on ongoing basis for Maintenance & support.I happy with their-1) 100% Dedication & involvement - As I'm non-technical, they provide end-to-end technical consultancy in a simple yet effective way, which is really enabling me to handle technical aspect better every passing day. That's priceless, as no Agency till date has done that wholeheartedly despite being asked for. 2) Ready availability - Everyone is a thorough professional. Especially the Top Management are really praiseworthy as they are readily available as & when needed.3) Strong Technical Knowledge - Through my experience, I can say that they are good at adopting new technologies as well as identifying & fixing errors smoothly. Their technical capabilities are very good, as my project is a complex one by any standards. 4) Fast & Timely deliverance5) Clear & Honest Communication - They will tell you things as they are with no unnecessary sweet talk.I have been a businessman for 20 years and know that no company can work without strong backend. I would recommend Planet Web Solutions; they're involved with clients, and knew exactly what I wanted .

Remy abc

Leigh Woolard

2022-01-20 at 23:02:34

Rating Cloodo

The client is Arrow Digital - a digital marketing company providing various services such as Facebook Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay per Click and Digital PR. A company that sells baby products was working with Arrow Digital for strategizing their digital marketing along with which they also wanted to develop a multilingual website. Arrow Digital outsourced the development of a website to Planet Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. So Planet Web Solutions developed the websites in different languages. The client is very satisfied with Planet Web Solutions because of their quality of work and reliability. They are highly impressed with their development skills and recommends them to their colleagues.

The client is a start-up that wanted to create a mobile application to allow users to receive online doctor consultation. The applications allow users to receive their treatment plans, share their reports with doctors, online consultation and get custom personalized advice. The client praises Planet Web Solutions for their punctuality in delivering the project and their quality of work. They are extremely satisfied with their customer support services and highly recommend them to work with.

About Planet Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Since its inception in 2004, Planet Web Solutions has been helping Businesses in increasing their Revenues through Ingenious and Creative Online Marketing / Optimization Solutions. Planet Web Solutions is an integrated organization providing Web Design, Web Development, Mobile Application Development and Digital Marketing Services to help the brands in developing and achieving their specific Online Goals. Armed with over a Decade’s experience, we have been trusted to work on many challenging projects. Our Clientele from USA, UK, Canada, Australia & France, have gained the best outcomes. We are proud to have earned good reputation for serving our Clients on their Satisfaction parameters. Our Team has rich understanding & Project experience in technologies as Bootstrap Framework, Magento E-commerce Solutions, Infusionsoft, WordPress, HTML5; and Microsoft Technologies (ASP.NET, MVC, Sharepoint, WCF, Silverlight, SQL Server & MySQL). Our latest foray is in the ‘Hybrid Applications’ & ‘Big Data’ segments. At Planet Web Solutions, We strive to deliver the best of the options available to meet custom requirements of Clients through our in-depth inferences, logical interpretations, standardized practices and processes, along with ingrained superior quality into all facets of Services/Solutions offered. Our main Goal is to Design & Develop the unique Web Services, Digital Platforms and Brand Campaigns that engage today’s Consumer so that they can build awareness, create conversions and can drive Brand Consideration.





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