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About Praxent

Don't rewrite your software application, modernize it. 

Digital experience design and development for Financial Services brands with outdated technology.

INDUSTRIES: Insurance, Lending, Wealth Management, Real Estate, Banking

At Praxent we know you want to be a savvy, pragmatic innovation leader. In order to do that, you need a modern, intuitive digital experience to serve customers. The problem is your current applications are too complex to easily rebuild and are becoming more outdated by the day. That has left you feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of your legacy systems and unable to align stakeholders around the need for change.

We believe there ought to be a way to improve your digital customer experience without betting the farm on an all-or-nothing rewrite. We understand your software applications aren’t getting any younger, which is why we have assembled a fast-moving team of 70+ software designers and engineers that have delivered over 300 software transformations over the past 20 years for clients such as Keller Williams, Texas Mutual Insurance, Dimensional Fund Advisors, NRG, The City of Houston, Austin Capital Bank, Norcal Mutual and more. 

Here’s how we do it:

Assess. We assess your situation and present a proposal with three investment options.

Design & Build. We design and build a modern user experience, supported by a robust full-stack architecture.

Launch. You launch a modern, intuitive software application that that lives up to the promise of your brand.

So, schedule a call today. So you can stop losing customers to born-digital competitors and instead enjoy the feeling of accomplishment as you compete with confidence.





Remy Sharp
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Latest client reviews for Praxent

We are an in-store tasting agency based in Austin and were in need of a platform to disseminate about the information of each tasting of beers, wines, and spirits with each of our contractors. Praxent helped us built the Palaterra, the centralized online platform connecting us with the suppliers, retailers all over the Austin area. We have to incorporate the technology and need to coordinate with different requests across the market. The Palaterra platform gained nationality all over Texas and helped to manage the contractors with the best communication ideas with stores and buyers. Instead of reaching out to every contractor and asking whether they are available, we would literally post of the work at the Palaterra platform and it sends the job to individual markets and contractors available in the market will log on and basically bid on their job, so we can easily select the person qualified and complete the chain. After the launch Palaterra, we enabled our sales growth by 3 times, without hiring any employee in our central office.

2022-01-20 at 22:46:02


Jen Ohlson

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Interactive Health Technologies LLC hired Praxent to develop a product which can identify the heart rate of children and thus help the society to reduce the problem of child obesity. We found the problem of physical education in schools across the country and thus thought to develop and design for the same. We knew that the key element of the product is a Heart rate of an individual but the issue was capturing, analyzing and sharing the data with teachers, parents and administrators. Thus they developed a product with the combination of cloud-based technology and a custom written Windows app that communicates wirelessly with a digital heart rate marker, which is worn by kids while working out. Kids while coming in the class tap in with their device and then goes for work out. While returning they tap out with their device, Hence this information goes instantly, effortlessly and automatically into desktop software and then to cloud-based technology. From there a snapshot reaches to students fitness progress and emailed to their parents and to the student themselves.

2022-01-20 at 22:46:02


Paul Scheuren

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Impact DataSource LLC with the help of Praxent built Economic Impact Engine. They had created one of the layers in an application which can deal with all of this calculations, but it needed to be flexible enough so that we could create new models on the fly. So they come up to this idea. The engine is really the core and heart of the subject, everything else is built upon it. Also, we were very quick in creating new models, depending upon the state, tax year and different industries. We have worked with community leaders to forecast and plan this kind of economic growth since 1993. New business locations are tricky topics and economic developer of cities and communities of countries are always interested in beginning an open area for all business start-ups. But the taxes that are to be paid, benefits they get is important to understand for the new business communities. Well, managing the complexity of tax distinct of countries was error sum and difficult to manage. Clients wanted to make the changes on the spot and see the results immediately. The cloud-based platform Praxent built is called the Impact Dashboard. In addition to access to impact data sources V/S proprietary calculation, the Economist can use the Impact Dashboard which directly allows making changes to the data without any waiting for the next data city counseller. The primary challenge was to take very complex and practical data, get it into the system, the way it was intuited from a sample and make sure that reports can be generated, which are considered by folks who didn’t know anything about Economical Development. They helped us manage users and help them set up the answers for the required questionnaires. Also, we need to set up a project with the right key values. Hence the whole platform was centrally manageable with every type of complex data by unifying all data into a single database.

2022-01-20 at 22:46:02

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