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About Rademade

Rademade is a part of a group of companies Iternal.

Iternal Group is a reliable IT vendor for complex software solutions. ITernal was originated in 2019 as a merger of three IT outsource companies. The oldest of them was founded in 2004. 

Every one of our companies has a background in different industries and technologies. Therefore Iternal Group has very wide expertise in such industries: adtech, martech, fintech, ERP, transport, logistics, marketplace, healthcare, education, arts, sports, entertainment, e-commerce, retail, heavy, travel, hospitality, etc. 

When you hire performers for web development, choose only reliable companies. First, to accurately realize your idea of a user or business application, regardless of its complexity and originality. Secondly, not to doubt the competence, abilities, and skills of the custom software development team.

Rademade is a company with extensive experience in web app development and mobile app development, including consulting, UX/UI Design, support, and so on. We have already implemented many web and mobile projects in various fields (Fintech, Healthcare, E-Commerce, Trading, Food delivery, Legal Tech, Security, Travel, Blockchain, and some others) and continue to turn new progressive solutions into reality. But the most important thing is the expertise of each professional and the team as a whole. We are truly passionate about our business and will invest in your product not only skill and creativity but also sincere interest in an excellent result.

Iternal Group provides different services: 

– helping with co-development existing software and provide technology expertise for IT companies which need to scale fast,

– software development from scratch for medium & large-sized enterprises,

– building R&D centers for non-residents in Ukraine.

To connect email us on [email protected]





Remy Sharp
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Latest client reviews for Rademade

Rademade has become a long-term partner because of their high-quality work and prompt responses. They are trusted, flexible, and communicative. Attentive to details and really productive partners. It is a team of professionals with great social skills. We enjoy our fruitful collaboration.

2022-01-20 at 23:03:04


Bohdan Flyorkiv

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We’ve cooperated with Rademade on both web and mobile development projects. They provide a great service to us and our partners, you feel that the guys care about your business. Rademade brings only professional teams into projects, and they create successful products. The teams know how to improve products in order to bring value to the target audience in the long term.

2022-01-20 at 23:03:04


Tristan Senycia

Rating Cloodo
Rademade are a very trustworthy and honest outfit, who have always demonstrated their reliability and commitment to their clients & partners. I look forward to an ongoing business relationship with the Rademade and recommend them unconditionally

2022-01-20 at 23:03:04

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