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Redian Software

67 Bridge Street, Walsall, United Kingdom

Phone: +44-7445-334428

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Remy Sharp
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Comapre4cover.com is an Insurance web aggregator. Redian software has given us excellent IT support since the inception of our company, allowing us to grow strength to strength. Their team is very efficient and prompt, who are highly responsive and available 24/7. The CEO of the company is very enthusiastic entrepreneur, he is always abreast with current market and new technologies. Gives us suggestions, to improve our IT infrastructure, thus helping us to stay ahead in the game with our competitors.

Remy abc

Abdul Khan

2022-01-20 at 23:02:21

Rating Cloodo

Wonderful!! I have worked with this team in the past and myself a freelance IT Consultant with years of expereince, Pavan and his team are able and capable for an array of IT services, he will go above and beyond to ensure your headache is relieved. Redian team has accomplished and delivered large project scopes delivered in the fraction of the time using LEAN PM. This includes discovery of a complete unknown CRM/DB as a source. Its a pleasure working with them and look forward to more collaboration.

Remy abc

Jamal Kinney

2022-01-20 at 23:02:21

Rating Cloodo

Great experience working with this team. Very flexible, professional and knowledgable.

Remy abc

Chris Freeman

2022-01-20 at 23:02:21

Rating Cloodo

We have used Redian for several years on a variety of different projects. I have always found the CEO and staff to be quick to respond as well as quick and reliable to perform work with a good turnaround. They are thorough in providing end to end services across a variety of different technologies. However, I have used them mainly for web development as well as mobile development with excellent results. I would highly recommend Redian moving forward to anyone wishing to outsource their development.

About Redian Software

Redian Software is a leading open source software development company offering cutting-edge solutions for healthcare, travel, banking and finance, education, and Retail. Redian Software is delighted to have delivered 500+ successful projects and 300 global clients.

Our Offices: 

- London, United kingdom

- Georgia, United States

- Noida, India

Redian Software has partnered up with the world's leading technology vendors:

-Amazon AWS Partner

Our offerings are primarily focused on:

- Business intelligence, Analytics & Reporting

- Enterprise Mobility

- CRM Solutions

- Cloud solutions

- Managed Services & Outsourcing


- Best Software Development Company in Uttar Pradesh, India by Worldwide Achievers

- Best Healthcare Software Solutions Provider in India by CV Magazine

Visit us at www.rediansoftware.com or drop an email at [email protected]

Follow us on Twitter at @rediansoftware and like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/rediansoftware/





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