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About Roll'n'Code

Roll'n'Code is a European software development company helping transform business ideas and product concepts into high-quality tech solutions for SMBs and enterprises.

The team executes technical realization of innovative ideas by providing highly qualified specialists, flexible cooperation models, and best-matching up-to-date technologies. Our software development company establishes long-term and trusted partnerships with our clients. IT company with 10 years of extensive experience in the IT outsourcing market. 

  • Business Analysis
  • Product Concept / Discovery Phase
  • Web and Mobile development and design
  • Maintenance
  • IT Consulting





Remy Sharp
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Latest client reviews for Roll'n'Code

We have worked with RNC for a year and three months. We have an outstanding relationship in which we can call on RNC whenever we need to. Our relationship developed into whatever was needed at the time. From a starting position of idea formulation and practical ways to get our business proposition across through our app, to building the MVP, to the fine tuning and research on new and future technologies we could implement in-app RNC assumed whichever skillset was required. E.g. consultant for best practices, speed to ensure delivery against our timeline or attention to detail to ensure a quality finish. Whilst building the app RNC were respectful of our timelines and did what was necessary to ensure we had a working model for every milestone. All issues and iterations were looked at in depth and analysis insightful.

2022-01-20 at 23:07:17

The client is a small start-up aimed at “bringing bright ideas to the market”. Their services offer physicians and surgeons three main tracts for idea development – Education, Rapid Prototyping & Patents, and Systems Engineering. The client wanted to develop an iOS mobile application that provides up-to-date and easily accessible guidelines. The client is very satisfied with Roll’n’Code because of their excellent support services and their capability to deliver beyond expectations. The client appreciates the passion that Roll’n’code has for developing ideas into applications and recommends them highly to work with.

2022-01-20 at 23:07:17


Tony Izundu

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The client is a company providing a mobile application in the form of software-as-a-service platform. Through this application, the user can redeem coupons. They associated with Roll’n’Code for user interface & user experience design of the Android & iOS mobile application as well as the website. Roll’n’Code has also designed their logo. The client is very satisfied with Roll’n’Code because of their design skills and excellent support services. They are impressed with their project consultation and schedule.

2022-01-20 at 23:07:17

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