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About Roonyx

Roonyx is an international software development company. We arm small and medium businesses with custom-made web & mobile apps. Roonyx team provides easy and efficient tools to hit goals, explore and conquer new markets. 

Our focus:

- Custom CRM & ERP systems
- marketplaces
- AI solutions

We don’t stop until we know and feel what our client really needs. This gives us a clear vision of the future design, which we bring to life in our apps. This approach results in clear and ergonomic UX and an influx of satisfied customers.

We have successfully launched several products of our own, all of which soon evolved into a flourishing business. We have mastered a framework for creating powerful user-desired apps and follow it for all our projects - ultimately propelling the customer’s competitive success.

Our experts strive to turn the most daring ideas into reality and produce the best customer experience. We cherish our communication with our clients and keep up a close connection at every step of the way to achieving their business goals.

Our clients get daily progress reports and convenient tools for a transparent view of the development process, as well as easy, good-natured communication with any team member. Our app lets them track the progress and keep in touch with everyone onboard.

Our team combines vibrant ideas and a safe and skilled development environment to foster your individual growth goals.





Remy Sharp
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Latest client reviews for Roonyx

Roonyx developed our charity web platform where artists and musicians can apply, register and get an opportunity to see available apartments, then get it at affordable low prices. There is also a CRM system where we can manage the apartments and check the candidates applied for an apartment. The system consists of a membership portal and an employee section with different access levels. The organization members can search for available studios, submit a booking request, upload documents, and manage their rent.Roonyx helped us reduce design and implementation time. The product owner connected with me every day and helped me focus on the most important things and not waste time on numerous long discussions with every team member. I’m satisfied.

2022-01-20 at 23:25:07

Alexksei Varfolomeev

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I work in a large international oil & gas company with a complex, hierarchical structure and about 300,000 employees. With that many employees, our HR and accounting departments have to handle a large number of repetitive requests. To free them up from these administrative tasks and enable them to invest these time resources into vital projects, we elaborated on the possibility to automate such requests. In addition to these internal requests, we are also organizing large conferences on a regular basis. To facilitate a smooth organisation of these events, a large number of admin staff are required to answer basic questions related to schedules and travel itineraries. To solve both problems with one solution, Roonyx proposed an NLP chatbot based on artificial intelligence.Roonyx has developed a chatbot that enables employees to get responses to typical organizational questions, to request documents, to book courses and training by themselves. The chatbot facilitates artificial intelligence to classify the question and to propose the most appropriate answer. With every interaction, the chatbot learns whether the provided answer was perceived as sufficient or not. That way, we ensure that the chatbot continually improves its functionality and classification algorithm.The implementation of the chatbot reduced the monthly requests to the HR department by approximately 50% and the ones to the accounting department by 15%.

2022-01-20 at 23:25:07

Four Consultancy hired Roonyx for marketplace design & development work. They developed a new marketplace with several types of users, admin panel, filters, integrations, UX and provided us with a lot of valuable information during prototype testing and after the MVP launch. Their input allowed us to change some business processes and change the initial marketplace vision. When the Alfa-version of the marketplace launched, the number of transactions increased up to 1000 approximately from 10; the number of registered users amounted to about 18000 in a month.I like the work approach of the Roonyx team and I enjoyed the fact that there was one point of contact for me during all the project development. Their product owner provided us with the daily reports, responded very quickly. At the same time, I could ask any questions to their technical experts. That’s great.We don't have any big tasks or projects to work on right now, but if we do, we'll definitely continue to work with Roonyx!

2022-01-20 at 23:25:07

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