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cloodo - Agency Listing - Rotgar SEO

Rotgar SEO

2490 Middlefield Rd, United States

Phone: +19713390764

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Remy Sharp
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Rotgar SEO company led an effective SEO. The site ranks on the first page and even in the first position on Google's SERP on a number of keywords. They also managed to increase the site's organic traffic. The team conducts standing biweekly calls to check on the progress of ongoing projects. Evgeny is always extremely flexible to our needs - adding phone calls or check ins as needed, and skipping them when we agree they are unnecessary.Rotgar SEO optimized our website (big overhaul initially and no ongoing maintenance), including keyword optimization, content, imagery, graphic design, color optimization, and ideas for future growth. They also create content for our Google My Business page and have delivered extraordinary results in terms of keyword ranking in Google.What I like most about the company is the fact they do what they say and produce results. We were impressed with their expertise in each field as well as the client communication.

Remy abc

James Doodley

2022-01-20 at 23:31:35

Rating Cloodo

We’re a supplier of OEM SURPLUS CATERPILLAR PARTSWe provide the largest selection of parts for Caterpillar® equipment with unmatched service, affordable options, state-of-the-art tools, and a pleasant experience for our customers.We wanted to make our website visible in Google to reach more people online. We were working with another SEO company, but we weren’t getting good results.We’ve selected Rotgar SEO by advice of my friend. He’s already worked with this guys and appreciate their workThey analyzed our website and made technical SEO improvements. Rotgar’s team also make conversion rate optimization initiatives too. They also write content for the site blogWe work with a team of three people from Rotgar SEO, which is led by a project manager. We definitely saw an increase in organic traffic over the period of the cooperation. We’re satisfied with their activity and will keep our work process ongoing.All the tasks are fixed in Trello. Rotgar’s team provides reports every two weeks, so we see at which stage we’re at the moment. Their team is responsible, responsive, and knowledgeable. They are good communicators and are always interested in the results

Remy abc

Alexandra Voida

2022-01-20 at 23:31:35

Rating Cloodo

At the beginning of our cooperation it was very difficult to find our company even on the 40th page of Google. Thanks to Rotgar we begin to see first results after 6 months of our cooperationMy company was looking for organic rankings on Google. We engaged Rotgar to launch a series of SEO activities to boost our rankings on Google.First we’ve discussed the pull of keywords we wanted to rank for. Then they came up with their ideas on how to rank better for those keywords, whether that was an optimized page on the website, a piece of content that we used as a link magnet to get links back to our site, or a series of blog posts where we optimized for a certain term that we wanted to rank for. My сontact person is Evgeny (SEO Expert), and he is a very dedicated person at his job. He’s doing really good job. Our work together began in July 2020, and it’s ongoing.Now we have 3-5 leads per months. It requires a lot of trust to get someone to hand their IT department over, so it’s a long buy-in process. We got a lead from SEO activities 4 months after Rotgar came on and closed it to the tune of $10,000 a month in recurring revenue for a three-month contract. We’ve already seen measurable results in terms of dollars. Rotgar team successfully boosted our rankings on Google; the average search result across our tracked keywords right now is on the first page, whereas they were on the 40+ page before they came on.

About Rotgar SEO

We've been promoting websites for over 10 years. Boutique SEO company founded by Evgeny Yudin. 

Our experience with different CMS types and various subjects enables us to successfully promote projects around the world. 

A personal approach to your project is guaranteed.

  • We provide detailed Work Plan and give easy-to-check Reports every TWO WEEKS
  • We use non-standard White-hat SEO methods
  • We have experience with different languages and multilingual websites
  • We send a complete list of all purchased backlinks






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