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Sholom-Aleichem Street, 4/26, Ukraine

Phone: +380969326360

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Remy Sharp
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I run a digital marketing agency with a wide range of services starting from PPC & SEO and creating general marketing strategies to web design and development. We reached RubyGarage as we needed a reliable and skilled technology agency to help work with our third-party client. RubyGarage stood amongst other providers out with the questions they asked to understand the idea and the fundamentals of our business. They also gave us a ton of valuable insights related to the end-users and solutions they may need based on the market research they conducted.We had worked with the several vendors prior RubyGarage and failed to find the common language and build an effective collaboration. They were unorganized, couldn’t provide the realistic time and budget estimates and thus were delaying the project. On the back of this, we were a bit intimidated of working with the outsourcing company. Yet, RubyGarage showed exceptional project management. Yes, it took several weeks to set the efficient collaboration but RubyGarage was extremely responsive during the whole development cycle addressing any question we had promptly.RubyGarage is extremely flexible and quickly adapts to the new project demands. Whenever we had a new requirement they never said to us no. They always were trying to realize our ideas in the most cost-efficient solution. Their fast-paced delivery allowed us to finish the project ahead of schedule. On a global scale, our collaboration was successful. Our client praised the new website for its modern look and functionality that contributed to reduced bounce rates for their e-commerce platform.

Remy abc

Olga Yurovski

2022-01-20 at 23:11:17

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Ruby Garage exceeded my expectations in many ways. As a first time, non-technical startup founder, I am happy to say that we had a drama-free collaboration. Their leadership and project managers are experienced and pragmatic; they understand startups and offered many helpful business suggestions. Their UX designer was superb and took my product vision to a completely new level. Their dedicated team of developers delivered a quality product on time and went out of their way to delight me as a customer.

About RubyGarage

Ruby Garage is a top-of-the-line Ruby on Rails development and consulting company from Eastern Europe. We know the difference between code and great code.

Our track record proves our service quality.

We are a strong technology consulting and development company from Eastern Europe with 50+ in-house specialists and more than 80 satisfied clients from the US and Europe.

If you have a project in mind – drop us a letter at [email protected]





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