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cloodo - Agency Listing - Sabhi Digital

Sabhi Digital

"Krishna Tower (Basement), Near Bombay Motor Circle " Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India (342001), India

Phone: +919610238238

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Remy Sharp

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The primary goal for this project was to have an e-commerce store to boost our sales and to increase visibility for brand VijayShree. We need this project to be wrapped up within a week. It was a daunting task the requirements were pretty extensive, with a lot of design and development work. Sabhi Digital promised us that they will deliver within a week and will not cut on any of our requirements. We wanted all our products to get listed along with pricing offers, payment gateway integration, online catalogue, and overall a fully functional website with other usual things. Product designing requirement was pretty extensive and involved a good deal of work. They Completed our website in record 7 days. Requirements were extensive, to say the least. There were lots of exchanges, and communication and they managed everything well, waited patiently for us to send stuff (images, payment gateway info, etc). It was overall a great experience working with this team.It was a great experience working with these guys. I cannot think of anything negative for this team.

Remy abc

Prafful Chouhan

2022-01-20 at 23:01:36

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When I first met them I wasn't sure whether Sabhi Digital team will be able to handle our fast operations and provide the apt solution for our office management system covering buying, selling and logistics data. It is pleasure to say that they were the best IT solution company I have come across so far. Although charges were a bit high but seeing the output I am happy,

Remy abc

Sumit Pungalia

2022-01-20 at 23:01:36

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I had a very good experience with SABHI DIGITAL. The Web designed by them was very systematic and smooth in working.

Pankaj Baheti

2022-01-20 at 23:01:36

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Infiniti India specializes in furniture manufacturing and is a major exporter of furniture, be it wood or metal to almost all continents.They needed a way to showcase their furniture manufacturing process and facilities in an integrated manner to their clients. Emphasis was to be laid upon cutting edge imported machines which gave them upper hand among competition. Sabhi Digital created an interactive 360 degree Virtual Tour Website for Infiniti India, which included all the processes, facilities, machines and manufacturing setup in detail. Imported machines and niche setups were highlighted by creating hotspots within the tour website with interactive features.This helped Infinity India showcase their manufacturing setup to clients in an innovative manner and helped provide their marketing team with a single step solution to win new clients world over in trade fairs and online.Tools used - Pano2VR, CodeIgnitorTechnologies used - PHP, HTML5, MySQLThis website isn't available for public viewing i.e. Infiniti shares the website link with its clients to showcase plant compliance at its own discretion as the content within is highly confidential.

About Sabhi Digital

Sabhi Digital - Sabhi Digital is a digital marketing agency which provides amazing branding solutions for businesses across industries. We are constantly moving towards becoming one of the best growth enablers for local businesses, harnessing the power of digital marketing to unlock untapped business opportunities with our high-tech branding solutions such as 360° Virtual Tour, Web Designing, App Development, and providing the best ROI to our clients. Our services include out-of-the-box ideas like Virtual Tour, Hotspot mapping, & Corporate Videography, apart from web designing, app development, digital campaigning, SEO, SMM, language solutions, and many more. In short span of our existence, we’ve made our presence felt across India effectively helping many corporate houses with their IT Consultancy, Marketing & Branding needs. Please find Corporate Brochure and Video.





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