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About SigmaSolve

At Sigma Solve, we empower businesses to accelerate their growth with our customized and innovative digital solutions. Our value lies in our approach – personalized, strategic, targeted and results-driven. By drawing on our unparalleled IT services, we will position your business as an agile, responsive and cutting-edge industry leader.

Sigma Solve has been celebrated internationally as a trusted enterprise software solution partner. No matter the size of your organization or the breadth of your goals, we provide bespoke profit-generating solutions that speak to your needs. We leverage expertise from around the world to ensure your business can maximize performance by streamlining processes with robust and scalable software. With over 15 years of global industry expertise, we excel in delivering ecommerce development, enterprise-level web applications, mobile apps, software development and digital marketing solutions. Discover valuable skillsets under one roof. With Sigma Solve, there is no limit to your vision.

We augment teams with BA, Designer, Developer, QA, and Project Management, Digital Marketing, and AWS Hosting in one stop. By using a hybrid model with a blended rate reduce cost of ownership, Sigma Solve’s consultation and team augmentation services enable you to realize your business objectives.





Remy Sharp
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Danial ahchow

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I know Sigma Solve for quite 3 years. They have become even much more professional than in the past. I like all they creative skills. They are always delivered innovative and competitive services to my business.

2022-01-20 at 23:07:35


Recycle Away and Trashcans Warehouse

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We’ve been using SigmaSolve since 2016. Originally, we switched to SigmaSolve (onshore/offshore) from a very expensive US-based web dev agency where we had a great PM but a bad-attitude, snooty 'no can do' dev lead. Since switching we've probably saved $100k+ in dev costs, while enjoying a productive relationship with responsive, super-talented SigmaSolve staff -- most of whom we've been working with for years (low turn-over). Our relationship began with basic services like ecommerce website updates. They were one of the few firms versed in Shift4Shop (formerly 3dCart), our CMS. They've saved the day many times when 3dCart TS was unable to help with errors and problems with our websites.Switching to SigmaSolve, I found that I could send them drafts and mock-ups and they’d have changes made on Dev sites by the next morning -- and live within days. SigmaSolve has performed a massive amount of custom coding, design changes, templates and integrations for our two ecommerce websites. When they added Salesforce development services, we ended up switching to them for salesforce custom integrations and development, API installations, etc. Considering the large volume of work we give SigmaSolve, we have had relatively few problems over the years. I find the owners and staff to be hard-working, accountable and always keeping their clients best interests in mind.Sigma Solve is a fast-growing, family-owned business. Biren and Pujan have always made sure we are well taken care of. They are happy to jump-in and help resolve the rare issue quickly and effectively. More recently, we have communicated directly with our project managers and developers. To get the most out of working with Sigma Solve, it is important to communicate effectively. Since the technicians are primarily based in India, there may be some accent challenges for the average North American english speaker -- but I’ve found that if you are patient, kind, thoughtful and clear about your needs -- a great rapport and highly productive, cost-effective relationship can be established. My approach is to enter complete, detailed instructions, sketches, mock-ups, etc. into their job tracking system, always Cc’ing the PM, developer and (occasionally) owner on emails, and meeting via phone or Zoom when necessary to clarify objectives and make sure projects run smoothly. If you can do this, and be grateful, you and your company will be very well-served by SigmaSolve.

2022-01-20 at 23:07:35

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