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150 Villa Di Este Terrace, Unit 212, United States


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Remy Sharp
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Got in contact with te team to optimize and develop new features in my mobile app project. The team was super responsive since the beginning and really showed passion about their work. There were a lot of major features to fix and they did it without any problem and also respected the timeline. Communication was amazing as the project manager was giving us daily updates and always available. Will definitely contact them for the next project as the quality was superb.

Remy abc

Vitalii Perminov

2022-01-20 at 23:37:28

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I got in touch with guys when I needed to set up a CI/CD workflow for one of my projects and they covered all the tech and business side, quality management. The flow has been fully-automated, so these DevOps optimized some of my inner development processes. I expect a Return on Investments in 3 months because of the huge time-saving.I'll involve them in my next projects.

About SoftEthica

Cloud & DevOps as a service

We enable the power of Artificial Intelligence & Cloud technologies, accelerating smart Companies. Service powered by professional ethics.


Why you need the DevOps:

01 - Native Cloud Applications Development

Your Company can significantly decrease the time-to-market by developing a new service with Serverless. FaaS approach allows integrating cloud services into ready-to-use infrastructure easily and quickly which is vital for business idea validation.
CloudOps can help to live out your web, mobile, and even IoT services as a cloud-native with AWSMS Azure or Google Cloud Platform. There is more good news, as scalability is also included in Serverless, so you could be ensured in business availability paying for it as you go.

02 - Cloud Migration & Modernization

The main reason to move your on-premise infrastructure to the cloud or set it as hybrid-cloud right now is a run-time monitoring capability. So What? Each running application nests a technical debt, that’s true. Once the application got not good enough, Software Developers can suggest the right way to resolve the problem. DevOps can help to find the right problem to solve, doing much efficient, cost-effective and quick.

03 - Information Security, availability, CI/CD

Continuous Delivery paradigm, the core of Agile, is the proven way to speed up time-to-market and overrun ROI of software services. If your Agile Developers really want to manage software security and quality as well as control service availability releasing software increments, they need to have Deployment Strategy and CI/CD pipeline implemented.
So, better call DevOps.





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