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About Specscale


About SpecScale Agency

SpecScale, based in India, is a modern technology-oriented company that excels in providing web development and online marketing service solutions. As one of India's leading IT services companies, we deal extensively in web development, web application design, maintenance, and support services, considering the flexibility of different engagement models and project scopes. Our services also include providing cost-effective CRM development services.

Furthermore, we develop mobile applications that are secure, feature-rich, and work faster. SpecScale takes pleasure in delivering impressive and crisp UI/UX design solutions to make mobile apps more appealing. Our services extend to many countries including Canada and the USA where we help startups create a remarkable online presence. Our core services encompass web development and design, SugarCRM /SuiteCRM, Android development, iOS development, UI/UX design, branding, mobile application development, and social media manager.

Over the years, we have gained significant experience serving various business categories such as health, entertainment, E-commerce, online booking, insurance, gaming, real estate, and education among others. We extend our customization services to web development like custom E-commerce platform designing, project management application, and community portal development.

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