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cloodo - Agency Listing - Start Mobile

Start Mobile

7190 W SUNSET BLVD, #31C, United States

Phone: +1 (323) 329 4343

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Remy Sharp
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Mobile app "Fly with Alex", an aggregator of air tickets discounts with the ability to subscribe to a regular search for the exact tickets you need. At first this idea was implemented by me as a subscription through the Mailchimp service. The project was rapidly developing and required more and more time for support, automation and a mobile application.I was looking for startup app developers and I saw an advertisement for such development on Google. At first I planned to make a mobile application, but the Start Mobile team suggested that I first automate the whole system and make my own mailing system, and then connect the app to that system.We made the first launch of the project in six weeks. After a while, it started generating regular income and has now paid off its investment;The goals set at the beginning of the projects have been achieved;About 300,000 users are currently using the service;Apple AppStore placed our project in "Best Applications of the Week";We were able to establish a process of step-by-step work on the project with frequent regular updates and have a separate test site to experiment with the project;The project keeps developing and we are constantly expanding our user and ticket database.

Remy abc

Anton Kuvarin

2022-01-20 at 23:23:48

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"Wine Warehouse" is a large chain of wine shops. Traditionally, alcohol is bought offline, in neighborhood stores. However, in recent years, user preference has changed in favor of online booking and mobile apps. We did not want to lose this segment of users and decided to take our online store and mobile application seriously. We ordered the development of a turnkey application for two platforms at Start Mobile. They also developed a data exchange with our automation system to exchange catalog data, prices and balances.

About Start Mobile

🍓 Get your custom e-commerce mobile app for $1,218 / month. iOS & Android, UI, backend are included.

  • App Development & COVID-19

The COVID-19 epidemic and the ensuing self-isolation hit the world economy hard. At the same time, mobile applications with delivery have become more relevant than ever. We have prepared a special offer for businesses that can not pay for the development at full cost, but need a high-quality mobile application for the online store.

  • Monthly Installment Plans

We have selected the most popular features in three standard packages. The cost of development is given for the monthly installment plan. Installment period: 2 years. The price also includes technical support and server hosting. If you work with the application and change your mind to continue paying — you owe nothing to us.

  • Basic Package, $1,218 / month

Even the basic plan includes everything you need to run an online store app. And this app can be changed as you wish, enhanced with any functionality and connected to any data source.

The basic package includes:

  1. 2 mobile apps: iOS & Android, UI-design, backend
  2. Product catalog
  3. Shopping cart and checkout
  4. Customizing UI-design to suit your corporate identity
  5. Administrative interface
  6. Server hosting
  7. Technical support services

More information on our site: https://start-mobile.net/en/app-development-monthly-payment/





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