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115 Northview, United States

Phone: 4156389757

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Remy Sharp
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Nightmare! Billed us $74,000.00. After 1.5 years of nothing we began to put pressure. They promised a delivery by a certain date for our intro party. They faked the entire program, missed the release date, humiliated us and we had to rebuild the entire program with another company costing us $120,000.00. I cut and pasted the letter responding from Jo Overline the owner to our attorney demanding for our money back for the failed program. The proof is that we do not have a running program that they promised. If so where is it? It was nothing short of junk. It did not work in any capacity. Please see his letter. I would not suggesting giving them anything. Not even a phone call. From: Jo Overline Sent: Tuesday, March 31, 2020 5:47 AMTo: Stephen S.Cc: Kerri H.Subject: Re: TalkAware LLC adv. Swing Development, Inc. Hi Stephen, let's start by saying - we welcome this suit, it's even comical. James's requests, demands, and our deliveries were well-documented from Day 1. We knew from the start what type of person we were dealing with. If you work with James, you know exactly what I am talking about.All deliverables were made as promised and communicated to James's team, and we have it all in writing. He's just too technically-incompetent and detached from the process to literally understand anything. Several times he went completely off the grid for weeks and we got zero communication, and we documented it every time. Your letter shows a lack of basic understanding of the situation. No source code from another company was illegally taken or used. James has no understanding of open source software and the legal use around it (because it's literally used in every software project in the world and 100% ethical and legal). I 100% GUARANTEE his "new" project uses it too. The legal laughing stock you would become making this argument against open-source would be nothing short of epic in the software world. Additionally, we use industry-standard code repositories that literally log every line of code written by every developer daily. There is an entire history of every line of custom code written for James with timestamps and logs, matching exactly his requests, it's indisputable. We are an extremely reputable company, it's widely known. We delivered many other websites/etc to James in the past. It's silly to think we would pick one to defraud him, but deliver on many others. Your claims of fraud are far-fetched and ridiculous, with no basis, but I guess that's what we get for going outside of our usual highly-technical clients and working with a caveman. If you want to talk about fraud, let's talk about how James secretly registered his different sites and hid them separately so he could defraud his insurance company on his policies, or how he illegally imports Kratom from South America and labels it as Yerba Mate Tea, using dummy sites to give it some authenticity in case the border official googles the business. I am sure CBP would like to know about that. Yeah we have that in writing too. In fact, also James talking about it on video - we record all our video meetings, and we disclose it at the beginning of every one with a "recording" text on-screen. This is the type of guy we are dealing with so don't talk to me about fraud. Every effort was made to make James happy and resolve this situation. I know James, i'm not stupid, it's all in writing and documented by every member of our team. In fact, even by James's team, behind his back, confirming he had no idea what was talking about and accepting deliverables as functional, in writing, with accompanying demo videos. FYI we haven't been in California for a couple years after an acquisition. Me, and my entire team, are based in Europe, and our corporate address is now:Swing DevelopmentNowy Swiat 35, lok 6aWarsaw, Poland You can send any official documents to me there. Good luck. you'll need it. You're living on another planet if you think James can bully us, and we have mountains of supporting evidence. If you want to push this further, we are up for the fight, and will even enjoy publicly showing James's incompetence and expose him for who he is. Thanks for the laugh to start the week. Our lawyer, Marzena, is on cc.

About Swingdev

SwingDev is a software technology consultancy with offices in San Francisco, Warsaw and Cape Town. We have a team of award-winning software development professionals building amazing products, solutions and teams for our clients in Silicon Valley. We partner with a diverse range of companies -- from fortune 500 enterprises to high-growth startups -- where we can make a positive impact on their success and continued growth whether to craft their digital strategy or develop market leading software applications. Our culture is one that puts individuality and quality at its core. Our team is creative, fun and diverse working with equally as awesome clients.





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