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SYNERGY Consulting
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About SYNERGY Consulting

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SYNERGY Consulting Agency is dedicated to assisting mid-sized companies and startups in building, launching, and branding their products in both existing and emerging markets. With the application of modern technology and industry-specific marketing strategies, we aim to overcome the challenges we faced during the development of our own internal product. 

Through our own trials and tribulations, we encountered issues related to outsourcing, poor discipline, communication gaps, inadequate documentation, and the absence of a reliable team. This led us to undergo an arduous startup process. Nevertheless, we persevered and established a strong team, along with a set of efficient processes that now serve as the backbone of our success.

Realizing the difficulties our company experienced, we have shifted our focus towards assisting other startups in their journey of building and growing their businesses. In the past 36 months alone, we have aided in the establishment of over 20 companies and the development of more than 100 digital products. 

In the current landscape, countless startups squander approximately 50 percent of their resources within the first year. Our mission is to put an end to this inefficient allocation of resources by helping startups enhance their efficiency and navigate past the challenges we encountered. With our guidance, we aspire to become a valuable resource to startups, enabling them to overcome the initial hurdles and hardships of their entrepreneurial journey. 

Having successfully assisted over 20 companies in the past 4 years, SYNERGY Consulting Agency looks forward to continuing our mission and aiding numerous startups in overcoming the obstacles they face.

For more information about SYNERGY Consulting Agency, visit our official website.

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