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Poltavsky shlakh, Ukraine

Phone: +380669077047

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Remy Sharp
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I have found TAGSoft and 5 other Ukraine contractors on a review platform so I needed to check who suits me the best. TAGSoft made test tasks in time and didn't shy to ask additional questions, as it was expected from a good contractor. After all the only one of five companies who have passed the test - was TAGSoft. I have met proposed developers via Skype and was satisfied. After some paperwork and approval - we have started our cooperation. One of the key points for me was - expertise in e-commerce and guys have huge experience in this field. Thay has saved me from a lot of unexpected issues so after all - we have saved a good part of my budget. Thank god, they all speak English very well so I have no problems with direct communication with devs. Recommends TAGSoft.co!

Remy abc

Oded Avidor

2022-01-20 at 23:22:10

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We have met with Alex(TAGSoft owner) at Google Start-up Campus a few years ago. I was inspired by his expertise and since that time we started our cooperation. There were done several projects for my clients here in Israel. The last project is connected to online tendering in building industry. We are working together with a huge real estate groop company and it is a big closed platform for building companies worldwide. On the current stage, we have finished the main part and it is already in pilot mode.I'm totally satisfied with the quality of made work - they know what to do and how to do it in the best way. I have direct communication with the team and can communicate and get the answer anytime I want. Strongly recommend!

Remy abc

David Krudo

2022-01-20 at 23:22:10

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I'm a software development consultant and had a chance to work with many companies - from Ukraine, India, Belarus. TAGsoft became my key partner during the last 2 years. We start from the IoT project for more than 2000 hours. It was risky to start a big project with a new subcontractor, but they proved expertise, showed a lot of devices they were working on in previous, and their estimation was clear and understandable. After the testing period, we grew our project-team up to 4 developers and 1 QA. Communication is always transparent, clear and in time. My customer was totally satisfied and now we still maintaining this project in production.As for now, we have already finished 3 successful projects together and have 4 active projects.

About TAGsoft

TAGsoft is a full-cycle development company. We create e-commerce systems and applications, platforms and bots from idea to production. All stages, whether specification, estimation, development, testing or production, have been passed by us more than 100 times and give us strong expertise. Every new project is not an experiment for us.

We are actively working in the following areas:

- Prototyping & Concept Development( early stages, POC, MVP)

- Convertable UX\UI design (customization and A/B testing)

- Bot for high orders flow and customers support 

- Cloud Development and data storage

- Custom CRM-systems

- Quality Assurance & Testing

Our designers, developers, QA-engineers, and architects work together to create elegant, functional, profitable solutions. 





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