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We hired TATEEDA as an outsourced service provider capable of both front-end and back-end development. They were assigned to build a turnkey web-based platform for our pharmacy network. TATEEDA offered us a full stack of resources and services, including tech consulting, which allowed for quick project deployment. Their team carried out the entire project from scratch, including the system architecture, UX design, front-end/back-end coding, and quality testing. We required a feature-rich software platform that we expected to become one of our key business instruments. This platform was conceptualized as a joint node interconnecting distribution, with inventory and a customer support portal. Since we had no plans to deploy an in-house team of devs, we were looking for alternative cost-efficient solutions, such as outstaffing or outsourcing. Our goal was to grow our pharmacy network and optimize our internal workflow, e.g. automation of medical drug distribution and inventory management processes. In addition, we required a well-configured system for medical drug delivery tracking, shared across a variety of locations and branches. TATEEDA’s dedicated PM was very attentive and supportive throughout the project’s preparation stage, followed by a series of very detailed interviews with our key staff members to help them clarify our business logic and expectations, and to come up with a few helpful suggestions. They then introduced a generalized plan for our future solution's structure and capabilities. After we agreed on the resources, timelines, project scope, and general budget limitations, TATEEDA quickly deployed their team (in a matter of hours) and went to work on our project. The team developed several modules, including an inventory and pharmacy documentation management platform driven by ASP.Net, to render dynamic web pages, extended with .Net API-based integrations with the shipping provider and delivery tracking modules, and equipped with notification functionality. The project’s backend is powered by Azure, MS SQL, and ServiceBus, including real-time data exchange with our internal database.The new platform allowed us to better manage our pharmacy inventory and seamlessly integrate a delivery tracking module, which helped our brand to analyze, optimize, and dynamically scale our business processes. We’ve added more branches, locations, and customer accounts over time. Thanks to streamlined distribution to our facilities and delivery to customers' homes, our company was empowered to introduce a large expansion plan.Our collaboration was super efficient at every step. TATEEDA added value to the project far beyond the intended scope of work. Their tech guidance for establishing a new system was priceless. And we cannot give them enough praise for their development efforts, expertise, and diligence.TATEEDA impressed us with a combination of exceptional customer service and deep technical expertise.

About Tateeda

TATEEDA is a full-cycle custom medical software development company headquartered in San Diego, California. We offer a versatile team including project managers, senior developers, designers, testers, and other top-notch specialists, allowing us to quickly deploy, scale, and deliver your health tech project on schedule, keeping the project scope and tech profile consistent. 

You may resort to outstaffing & outsourcing services and integrate our best resources into your existing healthcare projects to reinforce them. We are also available for tech consulting in healthcare, staff augmentation, legacy software re-engineering, and other services to support medical professionals and facilities in their digital transformation efforts.

Some of the world-class healthcare software solutions we can build for you:

  • Nurse & Doctor Appointment Software 

  • Medical Staff HR solutions (Time Entries, Shifts, Billing, etc.)

  • Patient Portals and Clinician Portals

  • Mobile Apps for Patients and Medical Workers

  • Telehealth and Remote Health Monitoring Solutions

  • Pharmacy Inventory Management Software 

  • Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

  • Electronic Health Record (EHR)

  • Online Medication Fulfilment & Prescription 

  • Healthcare Legacy Software Re-engineering and Upgrade

TATEEDA offers a team of best-in-class front-end and back-end developers, software architects, QAs, UI/UX designers, and project managers.

We have vast experience with healthcare and biotech organizations, so we are ready to get quickly and seamlessly involved in your business objectives and challenges.

We can build custom medical software solutions combining Web, Mobile, Desktop, Cloud, and IoMT platforms, supporting a variety of medical jobs and occupations.

We provide medical IT project consulting and tech support to our healthcare clients. The healthcare applications we develop involve complex architectural designs, critical thinking, and sophisticated methodologies, so SDLC gaps are eliminated.

Our resources are highly experienced in C#, JavaScript, TypeScript, Dart, PHP, SQL, Cloud development, different front-end frameworks, and other technologies. 

We consistently deliver superior results by streamlining our Agile methodology and focusing on our client’s success metrics, including strict deadlines






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