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Team Extension SA


Phone: 0040316305100

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Remy Sharp
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I've had a very lucky opportunity to be working with Team Extension over the last two years. When I started (as a Product Manager) working at Sony, TE have impressed me with their meticulous support and proactive attitudes. Creating a new competitive product isn't easy and without Team Extension it wouldn't be possible at all. Their team consists of diligent, passionate specialists whose hard-work, professionalism, and integrity are present at every single task. They always leaded projects and brought results with impeccable technical expertise. It's also important to stress that they were appreciated not only for their technical deliveries and outstanding decision making, but also for the invaluable business knowledge. They taught me and my colleagues a lot, from brand and product recommendations to the operations strategy. They were continuously setting very high standards for all projects and brought a positive impact to our business.

Remy abc

Alexander McCloy

2022-01-20 at 23:25:05

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I've worked with Team Extension for 4 years now, they stepped in to save part of our project when we were let down by an agency. Their passion and drive is second to none, it's been a real pleasure having them as colleagues and friends, they have tackled every challenge head on to a high standard and I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of expertise on small to large technical projects.

I couldn't recommend a company more than I can recommend Team Extension! Truly outstanding as a company, a team and and all who I met on an individual level. Moe and Team Extension delivered the impossible for us (NOW Music App - Music Streaming service - Sony Music Entertainment & Universal Music Group), when we asked them to build an Android version of the app in one month (after we had been let down and delayed by over a year by another company). Not only did Moe and Team Extension deliver, they delivered an outstanding product that got better and better as we evolved together. We had Team Extension expand and take over our iOS version as well. We used them as our dedicated iOS and Android development team and we also used them for our dedicated customer relations, which they excelled at. They integrated naturally and brilliantly with our in-house team, working as one and this made a real difference. Continually showing due diligence and great skill in their work. You've made a good choice if you decide to work with Moe and Team Extension!

About Team Extension SA

We are a nearshoring and offshoring technology company based in Bucharest. Our company was founded by a Swiss entrepreneur with more than 10 years of experience in the tech area. Opened in Romania in 2016, our company specializes in hiring dedicated developers as well as co-leading projects. Our clients include startups and Fortune 500 companies that are based in Western Europe and in the United States (Sony, Now Music, Universal, CBRE, KIA & many more). Many companies — both large and small — have faced challenges with finding talented developers including candidate qualifications, team dynamics, and bottom-line financials. Our unique solution for hiring top of the line resources addresses these concerns. The demand for highly skilled talent is rapidly growing and in turn causing a major shortage in today’s technological market. This has impacted the quality of application development.

Our Mission at Team Extension® is simple. Discover, Hire, and retain top talent. This allows our clients to remain focused on short and long-term project goals and ahead of their competition.






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