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402, Super Mall - 2, Above Maple Leaf Hotel, B/H IDBI Bank, Infocity, India

Phone: +91-7383885555

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Remy Sharp
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We engaged the TechAvidus team for an Enterprise Event Management Application Development, which requires great attention to detail. In addition to the event management, there are also different levels of subscriptions, membership profiles and a messaging system. To say this is a complex system, would be an understatement. I am extremely pleased with how well the team was able to grasp the complexity and understand the functionality in order to bring my vision to life. They have been a pleasure to work with - extremely responsive, great communication and they really care about my project. Keshu, the owner, is a wonderful leader and takes great pride in his team and it really shows. Their pricing is very competitive and they are a solid 5-star recommendation.

Remy abc


2022-01-20 at 23:01:52

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The TechAvidus team has great to work with. They have been great at communicating and helping me from design to testing the application. For someone like me, who is not very technical, the team did an excellent job to take my vision and turned it into a reality. Looking forward to many more years of this great partnership.

Remy abc

Dale Geldart

2022-01-20 at 23:01:52

Rating Cloodo

I've worked with the TechAvidus team and found them to be a competent and reliable software development partner.Highly recommended.

Remy abc

Matthias Grđan

2022-01-20 at 23:01:52

Rating Cloodo

Love to work with the team with a fair pricing and very valueable developers for komplex usecase. Actually we worked on a really big module based application and every work is awesome done.

Anil Bo

2022-01-20 at 23:01:52

Rating Cloodo

TechAvidus walked me through a product design process that validated the business proposition of my app, then created designs, tested them with my future users, continuously iterated, and created a full engineering scope create the app. I shared my target audience and design inspirations to help them understand my style. We even looked at my desires for granular details as specific as button style, progress bars, and more. This allowed them to refine the design inspirations just to my taste. After sharing designs for the app’s main screens, they did user research and produced a usability report. Finally, we landed with a full work breakdown structure outlining every single feature of the app and how it will be built.I felt that their team was 1000% on my side. I trusted their ability to perform and never questioned whether or not they’d deliver on time. They consistently produced high-quality work on time. Their team 100% delivered on everything they promised, which was incredible.

Alexander Z Stanley

2022-01-20 at 23:01:53

Rating Cloodo

I worked with TechAvidus for over 2 years on the Pynora web app. The team is incredible. They are very responsive, responsible, dedicated, and capable. I strongly recommend the team for any project, however complex.

Rob Price

2022-01-20 at 23:01:53

Rating Cloodo

Keshu, Bhavesh and their team are outstanding. Not only were they able to build a very sophisticated and customized portal for our thousands of customers, but they did so with skill, efficiency, professionalism, and offered wonderful suggestions and recommendations along they way. Even more impressive, they were able to do all of this in spite of the convoluted direction we provided them with. After building our customized portal, they have been exceptional with maintenance, responding to every single question immediately and comprehensively. We've since expanded our relationship with them to cover many additional web development jobs. Choosing to work with TechAvidus was one of the best decisions we've made in recent years. We recommend them unconditionally.

About TechAvidus


TechAvidus provide tailored software, web, and mobile applications to small, medium, and large enterprises. Our work culture is based on the core philosophy of cooperation and collaboration. We at TechAvidus take the utmost care in dealing with our customers. When you work with us you get exactly what's needed to achieve your marketing and operational objectives, without any extra financial investment. Contact us to know more.

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