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The Story Web Design & Marketing

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About The Story Web Design & Marketing

Premier Web Design Firm

At The Story, we combine your company brand and value with web design. We ensure that your information is presented so that your website is engaging and compelling. Our creative design experts craft a design unique to the needs and wants of you and your target market.

The Story is known for creating awesome websites that are highly engaging

We combine strategic digital marketing with your website design so that your website grabs attention and persuade. We help elevate your digital brand and your business success.





Remy Sharp
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Latest client reviews for The Story Web Design & Marketing

The Story assisted us with not just our website, but also our brand. They designed the style of our logo, including colors and developed associated material, like business cards and letterheads.Once we had the logo, they provided website concepts based on the photos of the church we provided. Their team helped us clarify what information we needed, organized the content to be easily accessible to visitors, and worked extensively on our web copy. The Story's team created took our feedback, made the necessary changes, and developed a draft website. We reviewed the website before launch and their team trained our administrator on how to add new content to the site. After the completion, they called us 45 days later to make sure everything was running perfectly.We had someone who came to our church because who they enjoyed our new site. They said the website really showcased what they wanted out of a church. We believe that our new site is much more effective at attracting new people to our church. We’ve received really good feedback from our congregation saying that the site looks great, clean, and modern; reflects our diversity well; looks professional and is easy to navigate. The Story was very understanding about the needs of visitors to a website and how to organize our information. The Story was also great at understanding how to represent our content to reflect who we are as a church.

2022-01-20 at 23:21:54

Wayne Brodland

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The Story started the project by learning about the content that was to go on the website. They offered many suggestions on how to better organize it and tie it to the home page. They provided us with two unique design concepts. I was really pleased with how both layouts enabled visitors to quickly see the resources available and navigate to topics that interested them. After choosing the concept I preferred, The Story designed the inside pages and developed everything needed to complete the site.I’m very proud of the new site; it is everything I had hoped for, and more. A number of people have written me to say how much they like the site.I was impressed with Trevor's strong graphics sense, his tasteful page designs, and his restructuring of the site to make it more attractive and accessible to a broad audience. I’m also very glad that it’s now mobile friendly. The quality, creativity, and ease-of-use found in the new site far exceeded my original expectations.I was very satisfied with the excellent work The Story did for me, and I look forward to engaging them for my next web project.

2022-01-20 at 23:21:54

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