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8345 NW 66 St #D9078, United States

Phone: 7866001276

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Remy Sharp

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We wanted to outsource our customer support as we were getting more number of inquiries. So, we looked around and asked our friends. They suggested three companies and one of them is Triniter BPO. We looked up their reviews and it was quite impressive. So, we went with them. We had a trial run for a month. It was mind blowing. We signed a year contract and they bumped up our customer engagement rate to 78% and people started leaving good reviews on Amazon. Our sales recently doubled thanks to their great customer support.

We hired Triniter through referral from a friend of mine. We never looked back. We tried around three companies in the past to do our outreaching campaign for our affiliates. None of them seemed fruitful. However, when Triniter came into the picture, the course started changing. Though, we had a little challenges at the beginning, our account manager Mario overcame it quickly.Now they have been running our fifteen campaigns and all of them are successful.

John Miller

2022-01-20 at 23:45:22

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We were looking for a company to outsource our writing services. However, we needed to have around 300 company profiles written in a month which is way too short. So, we wanted to make sure we choose the right company. We hired Triniter. They allocated the right resource and completed the project in a month. We will hire them again.

John Webb

2022-01-20 at 23:45:22

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We have an internet business in Florida. One of the challenges we have is customer support. Because, our clients' website might go down even during the night time and they would call us for support. So, we wanted to hire a company who is a tech-savvy as well as who speaks multiple languages. We tried a few different services. Nothing seemed to have worked out. We came to know about Triniter through our friend. It turned out to be one of the best decisions we made in 2020. They took well care of our clients and totally took over. We can now sleep tight without worrying about receiving a call at the middle of night.

Paul Robins

2022-01-20 at 23:45:22

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Triniter is one of the most honesty companies I worked with. We hired them to outsource our customer support. From the day one, we could see a huge difference in a positive way. No wonder they have the highest clients retention rate in the industry. They served our clients so well that three of our clients referred our company to their friends and our sales almost doubled in the last three months. We are continuing to use their service in the future as well.

Joanna Finch

2022-01-20 at 23:45:22

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We hired Triniter to do data entry services for all our company data. We had more than 10000 data to be entered. They finished it in just 30 days. One of our QA people checked the quality. So far, he was not able to find any error. They are both polite and professional people. Thanks Triniter for your great services.

About Triniter

Triniter helps top companies to expand and build specialized teams in customer service, back-office support, automation and AI. We have a global presence having offices in Miami, Manila, and Chennai. We have the highest customer retention and repetition rate in the industry which speaks for our quality.





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