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Rodovia SC 401, nº 4150, Brazil

Phone: +1213334-6630

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Remy Sharp
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Ubiminds helped us to recruit talented individuals for a data analyst position. They made the hiring process a lot easier and faster by sourcing candidates, pre-screening, and scheduling interviews. They were very quick in terms of searching and sourcing candidates that fit the description we provided. The team is very professional, friendly, and supportive, and always willing to go the extra mile to get the best candidate for the job. Thank you Ubiminds!

Remy abc

Alberto Silveira

2022-01-20 at 23:25:55

Rating Cloodo

My experience with Ubiminds has been great. They have been innovating the third-party hiring industry with their #oneteam approach - their engineers are engaged, collaborate well, and are willing to learn and share knowledge with our team. I've been scaling my engineering teams for the past couple of years without compromising quality - to give you an idea, 25% of my engineering team are Ubiminders.Also, Ubiminds adds tremendous value to my organization by handling all the hiring, logistics, HR, retention activities, legal, and more while finding amazing South American talent. Timezone is a life-changing, which increases team collaboration.In summary, I strongly recommend you check them out.

Remy abc

Ye Huang

2022-01-20 at 23:25:55

Rating Cloodo

Last year, we found a good developer through Ubiminds. The new team member is an experienced developer, he quickly got himself familiar with our system and started contribution shortly after he was hired. We are satisfied with Ubiminds' service and would definitely consider them if we have new openings.

About Ubiminds

For companies who want to secure digital product experts and build nearshore distributed teams, Ubiminds leads the tech recruitment industry with a custom-curated staff augmentation approach.

Our #OneTeam approach means Ubiminders act just like full-time employees, embedded in your team and processes.

Ubiminds provides a white-glove service that takes care to save companies time and money and emphasizes cultural fit as well as the expertise of talent to help deliver on your product vision. It is this innovative and thoughtful approach that keeps the client at the center of our best practices.

Specialties include Product Management, UX/UI, Front-end, Back-end, DevOps, QA, and Security.

You focus on the product, we take care of people.





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