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Ulam Labs

Grabiszynska 163/508, Poland

Phone: 00-640

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Remy Sharp
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I have worked with Ulam Labs for several years and on a diverse array of projects. They're always professional and do very high-quality work. Konrad is easy to work with and always sees where projects are going before we get there. In other words, there are no surprises, and that's a good thing!I recommend Ulam labs completely and intend to use them in the future for all my development needs. 5+ stars

Remy abc

Ben Schuldenfrei

2022-01-20 at 23:24:15

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I am the Product Manager of Lendingblock - the first cross-chain institutional digital assetlending exchange. Our vision was to create a platform that allows for a secure andfully automated exchange of cryptocurrency value across the entire loan lifecycle.While many kilometres separated us, Ulam was there each step of the way. Wecouldn’t be happier with their cooperation.

Remy abc

David Moss

2022-01-20 at 23:24:15

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In my experience Ulam Labs have always provided strong developers who develop both fast and consistently to a high degree of quality. There's no communication or time barrier which i've experienced with other companies. Using them for both backend (Python) and frontend development (React) they were able to build a web application that managed video content and display AI data in a short amount of time.

About Ulam Labs

Ulam Labs is a software development company made of Python and blockchain experts. We focus on custom software development, DevOps, consulting and outsourcing to ensure the best service and support for our clients.

We deliver software to startups and SMBs from various industries: FinTech, Telecommunication, E-commerce, Banking, Supply chain, Production and Manufacturing, and many more.

We have experience in analyzing complicated business processes and turning them into simple software applications. Our team works in an agile manner and provides exceptional value for money. 


Our Services:

  • MVP development

  • Bespoke software development

  • Mobile app development

  • Web applications

  • Dedicated development team

  • Testing & quality assurance 

  • Blockchain software development

  • Cryptocurrency exchange and trading platforms

  • Digital wallet development

  • Smart contract development


Technology solutions/stack we rely on to deliver scalable and flawlessly working apps:

  • Python Development - Our main backend language, we build scalable web services using many great Python frameworks like Django, Pyramid, Flask and others.

  • JavaScript Development - We design and develop modern Javascript applications using cutting edge standards and libraries like ES6, Angular and React.

  • Android & iOS Development - We create highly polished, simple, intuitive Android and iOS apps using clean architecture and newest technologies like RxSwift, RxJava, Kotlin or even React Native.

  • DevOps Services - We provide comprehensive DevOps services like containerization, microservices, log management, deployment automation, continuous integration and continuous delivery.

Tell us about your project and let's start coding!






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