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About Uptown Logo Design

Uptown Logo Design is not just a design company that is concerned with the way your brand is depicted to the end user. We make our clients' business our own, hence we make sure that your business gets all the recognition it deserves. Since our inception back in 2010, customer satisfaction has remained at the base of everything we do. Having a diverse human resource in terms of skill, expertise and professional capabilities we have some of the industry's best designers, developers, animators, writers, and strategists working for us. This guarantees that you get the best of everything, every time.

Since day one, we have been working for clients around the world, which has not only made us polish our skills but also enabled us to get a better understanding of the industry. Having worked for numerous clients, both big and small, we have what it takes to bring out the best for your business. Our company is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, however, we have offices in multiple locations around the world, with one a commitment to excellence.

Even when we proudly boast of having the best team members, we make sure they remain so by investing in extensive learning and development for every member of our team. This keeps them abreast with all the latest happening, update, and trends of various platforms, software and methods of working. And with an up to date team, we pledge to achieve the excellence we pledge to provide to your projects be it Logo Design, Web Design & Development, Branding Solutions, Video Animations, or Mobile Application Development.

Uptown Logo Design is a renowned design agency with expertise in logo design, web design and development, branding solutions, video animations, and mobile application development. With a commitment to excellence and a team of skilled professionals, we ensure that your business receives the recognition it deserves. Our diverse talent pool allows us to provide top-notch services to clients worldwide. Through continuous learning and development, our team stays updated on the latest industry trends, delivering exceptional results every time.

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