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cloodo - Agency Listing - Virtual Electronics PTE LTD

Virtual Electronics PTE LTD

1 Raffles Place #20-61 Tower 2, Singapore

Phone: +65 315 912 52

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Remy Sharp
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This was our first ever outsourcing experience. The engagement of Virtual Electronics's outsourced teams has met our expectations. Most importantly, their teams have a deep understanding of the customer's needs and business overall which results in exceptional results.Virtual Electronics IT team understands the nuances of our business processes like no one else. They have assigned skilled engineers to manage the core goals of our project resulting in the development of a reliable and flexible platform for us. We have always had an open conversation with their team to discuss challenges. What impressed us the most is that whenever a problem occurred they always found a solution to it. The end solution that the Virtual Electronics IT team has offered to us had a simplified intuitive user interface and is easy for employees to use and make changes exactly how we wanted. We couldn’t be happier. Committed to customer success and deadlines, Virtual Electronics continue to be our valuable partner.

Remy abc

Yaroslav Shcherbak

2022-01-20 at 23:23:59

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We are Brooklyn Media Digitized Lab Ltd out of NY. Virtual Electronics's scalable approach helped us to incorporate new features in no time. We were looking for something flexible in terms of both scale and cost to grow with our business, and we found.VE team show great communication, resilience, and effort when doing the projects.

About Virtual Electronics PTE LTD

Virtual Electronics is a Singapore-based IT company driven by talent and powered with technology. We have established our presence in tech outsourcing, mobile app development and custom software development, cloud services and digital marketing. Let our top teams formed by our rigorous talent selection tackle your projects saving your precious time for things that matter most!





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