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About WebSailors

WebSailors.pro is a highly professional company, focused on developing complex Web and Mobile Solutions and Systems, with more than 7 years on market and has branches in Europe, Asia and North America.

Our wealth experience includes a lot of successfully implemented projects for customers from all over the world in such serious areas as Solar Energy, Information Security and Finances.

Why choose us:

  • 100 + successful projects
  • 7+ years of experience
  • cost starts at $25 per hour
  • experience in more than 10 industries
  • most of our developers are middle - senior level
  • no language barriers, we speak English
  • guarantees of meeting deadlines and budgets
  • we conclude an agreement to protect your confidential information

Our strongest skills are:

  • JavaScript / Python / TypeScript
  • AngularJS / Angular 2+
  • React.js
  • React Native
  • Ionic / Cordova
  • Node.js / Express.js / Hapi.js
  • Python 2.x / Python 3.x
  • Electron


  • WebSailors was included in the list of leaders among B2B companies in Russia and Belarus in the field of software development according to Clutch.
  • An international independent rating verified the reliability of our company and awarded a silver verification level!
  • We’re the first in IT services among Russian companies according to GoodFirms.


Do you have an idea or project that needs improvement? Email [email protected] to get a free consultation!





Remy Sharp
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Latest client reviews for WebSailors

I'm extremely pleased by their professionalism and reliability. WebSailors specialists were doing the ongoing Frontend development of two projects. The core framework used on them is Angular 8, which was easy being handled by the team. I had a strict requirement of using the PixelPerfect technology to have full compliance of the final result with the layouts. It is really important to note, that the working process in WebSailors team is professionally tuned. We had daily standup meetings and frequent communication over Skype. Talking about the challengeable tasks, which we had during the development, i would remember the one with dynamic multilingual layout in two languages and font directions - Hebrew-English and a support for all modern browsers including IE11 and mobile devices.Summing up, working with WebSailors team is one of my best experience in outsourcing. They've easily reached most of our important aspects, which we've put during the process of seeking for the Software Development partner, such as:- Reliability- Strong communication- Flexible and professional working style- Highest code qualityI'm highly recommend them for any IT project!

2022-01-20 at 22:59:57

Leo Slepak

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I hired WebSailors to develop the MGPayments project. MGPayment is a pay gatesystem.I chose WebSailors for the price-quality ratio. They create complex solutions at anexcellent price.WebSailors developed the basic structure of the database, created the gateway for theS. African Bank, and we are currently testing it. We are also working on the US banks' part of the project in collaboration with our technical support.WebSailors adhere to an agile development methodology, so we have daily callswith the team. They’re not indifferent to the project and are involved in it.

2022-01-20 at 22:59:57

Websailors.pro was referred to us by a trusted former employee that had worked withthem in the past. After a few interview conversations we knew it was a fit.I have a small team of very season developers, but often the scope and timelines forprojects demand a larger team. We were able to work successfully for years on variousproject with the Websailers.pro team. They were smart, capable and essential for us tomeet our clients business needs.Our goal was to have Websailors.pro function as the larger part of our developmentteam. They quick were able to get up to speed on our process and developmentapproach.Websailors.pro was able to adapt the team composition in near realtime to meet ourneeds.

2022-01-20 at 22:59:57

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