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cloodo - Agency Listing - Whales Ventures

Whales Ventures

2380 Drew Street, Unit 2, United States


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Remy Sharp
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We hired WV to get a stable lead flow. We tried to generate a fluent lead funnel with some agencies before but every time we failed. With Whales Ventures we've got our first Potential in 1 week from starting. I was really thrilled. Even still we are more than happy with the results we've got and our early goals are being met and we even see the raising of a business overall. 

Remy abc

Jacob Votter

2022-01-20 at 23:31:22

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More than a year ago we found the Whales Venture website and filled the contact form. We started working together in 2 weeks - and it actually surprised me how fast, smoothly and qualitatively they begin the cooperation. It was a great experience overall, they did a fantastic job in just a 3 month we get our first client from the website thanks to their SEO activities. 

Remy abc

Nata Roovi

2022-01-20 at 23:31:22

Rating Cloodo

It was a long-term project that included PPC as well as SEO efforts. We hired 1 PPC specialist and 1 SEO professional and additionally, we decided to get one more content writer. The cooperation overall was smooth and comfortable. We did weekly strategy calls and discussed everyday routines in Slack. With their help in the first 3 months, we've got 3 big clients whom we still work with.

Remy abc

Daisy Skot

2022-01-20 at 23:31:22

Rating Cloodo

The team especially involve in SEO, paid ads, and advising. They are in charge of increasing the client's involvement. WV generates content for the website and also blog articles for 3 months. They build and launch our paid search advertising. They continuously come up with fresh concepts and advice according to modern trends and possibilities. The team also has effectively increased site traffic.

Remy abc

Michael Herzberg

2022-01-20 at 23:31:22

Rating Cloodo

We are a vendor of smart home devices and wearables with our own mobile applications. We lacked internal resources to set up proper marketing communications for mobile apps. Whales Ventures has helped us with app store / google play optimization, marketing launch, ad campaigns, user support, analytics, UI/UX improvements and more. It's a true full scale marketing team!

About Whales Ventures

Whales Ventures is a venture fund and a full-range marketing agency that helps good businesses become great by all available tools and instruments.

Whales Ventures helps businesses and software products to scale. We provide audit and consulting, develop brand identities, deliver brand messages to right audiences, increase user base and enable sales growth of our partners.


Types of services

  • Audit and consulting

  • Branding

  • Advertising

  • Digital marketing

  • PR

  • Lead generation





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