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Winterwind Software Services
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About Winterwind Software Services

Winterwind is a blockchain-specialized website and app development agency based in San Francisco, California and employs a team of Filipino developers and graphic designers. We are a Laravel, cryptocurrency and payments focused software agency, managed by senior software engineer Anthony Vipond. In 2017, Anthony was the lead developer of LoyalCoin, the first cryptocurrency from the Philippines.

Winterwind has a physical office in Manila, Philippines and employs a team of more than 25 people. We have an impressive list of clients which include Disneyland Paris, where we built and maintain their help and support section. Some other notable clients include Juwai.com, one of the highest trafficked real estate websites in the world, and Coinflyer, a cryptocurrency exchange. 

Other projects by us include Gameworks.io, an EOS-based gaming site, and EZ365.io, a real-time cryptocurrency exchange. We also provide blockchain support to Amon.tech, one of the largest ICO's of 2017.

Our agency is focused on a specific technology stack and we are one of the best on Upwork when it comes to these. The stack is as follows:

Web Development
✓ Laravel 4, 5, 6
✓ Vue.js, React.js, Angular, jQuery
✓ Amazon Web Services (AWS)
✓ Linux System Administration
✓ Bootstrap 3 & 4

Hybrid App Development
✓ Ionic Framework
✓ React Native
✓ Flutter + DART

Payments Processing & API Integration
✓ Paypal
✓ Authorize.net
✓ Stripe
✓ WooCommerce Integration
✓ Square POS
✓ Payline
✓ Intuit Quickbooks
✓ Shopify
✓ National Processing
✓ Chase PaymentTech

Blockchain Development
✓ Bitcoin and Litecoin
✓ Ethereum smart contracts (fungible and non-fungible tokens)
✓ EOS smart contracts (fungible and non-fungible tokens)
✓ Stellar Lumens
✓ Integrating Blockchain Payments
✓ Crypto gaming

Our list of achievements in the blockchain world is long. Asides from creating LoyalCoin, we also worked on the LoyalWallet which is a blockchain-related mobile app on the AppStore and GooglePlay. We created and maintain Coinflyer.com, a fully-working cryptocurrency exchange. We also created our own EOS-based token, Gold Tael, which trades on Bancor and other exchanges. We are also working for a client called CryptoMonsters, which is creating an EOS-based mobile game which integrates fungible and non-fungible tokens.

We have created trading bots that run on exchanges like Binance, Bitmex and more. Finally, we are currently creating a cutting-edge cryptocurrency exchange for a large Canadian company that is employing over six of our developers on a full-time basis.

We are one of the most organized and well-run software development agencies in the Philippines. We always bring the project to completion while maintaining the highest quality and service. Get in touch today and see how we can help!

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