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cloodo - Agency Listing - Wow Labz

Wow Labz

3rd Floor, Fremont Terraces, #3580, 4th Cross Rd, , India

Phone: +91 8770546940

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Remy Sharp

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We had worked with Wow Labz team to design our sports focused game from the concept stage. Our brainstorming sessions were very helpful not just in translating our vision , but also to refine the features we had in mind.The quality of designs, color scheme & overall delivery was excellent. Not only that, the brainstorming also helped us name our product. Without doubt the best partners we could have got at that stage . Highly recommended!

Remy abc

Joaquin Anguera

2022-01-20 at 22:44:11

Rating Cloodo

The client is a professor from the University of California. The client wanted some applications that he can use in his research and Wow Labz is working with him on continuous basis developing multiple apps on iOS and Android platforms. Some of the key apps that they have developed for the client are focused to help assess human interaction and memory. Wow Labz has been quite punctual with the deadlines of the project and managed the cost terms flexibly. The client is highly satisfied with Wow Labz and enjoyed working with them as they took a personal interest in all the projects and are always excited to work on projects that help a greater good. The client has already recommended them several times to their peers and continues to do so.

Remy abc

Anurag Gaur

2022-01-20 at 22:44:11

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The client is a social networking startup  based out of India. The client aims to build a micro-blogging platform where the medium to content is Devnagri (Hindi). Wow Labz was selected to provide mobile application development and design as well as website development services. The client is extremely satisfied with the services and deliverables of Wow Labz. They were praised for their technical expertise and project quality. The client highly recommends them to their colleagues.

Remy abc

Raj Karamchedu

2022-01-20 at 22:44:11

Rating Cloodo

The client is a startup  for video-based social learning. The client aims to make a video based networking app that allows users to ask questions, share their knowledge and learn from others having expertise in any area of interest. Wow Labz was selected to provide mobile application development and design services. The client is extremely satisfied with the services and deliverables of Wow Labz. They were praised for their professionalism and fast response to queries. The client highly recommends them to their colleagues.

The WowLabz team has been extremely cooperative and creative to develop together an innovative app that tackles the complexity of snakebite management. Throughout our cooperation we are impressed by the contributions of the various WowLabz experts (design, wiring, programming) to master a wide range of challenges that had to be solved to derive at solutions of the innovative approach we had in mind. Special mentioning deserves the outstanding personal relationships that developed over the many month of working together both during the very frequent virtual and the personal meetings in the WowLabz office in Bangalore. This spirit makes a difference.

Nidhi Dutt

2022-01-20 at 22:44:11

Rating Cloodo

Our team approached Wow Labz with one thought: we've conceptualised a solution to a problem that we think a lot of organisations in our industry face and we'd like to collaborate with you to bring it to life. It took little more than a first briefing for the Wow Labz team to dive in and begin delivering. We're now at the tail end of our app creation process and we're on budget, on time, and well ahead of our initial vision. In fact, we've had such a powerful, purpose-driven and inspirational collaboration with Wow Labz that we're now working on phase two of this app to take it to yet another level and broaden its scope. We highly recommend Amit and his team.

About Wow Labz

We are geeks, hipsters & suits, bonded by our love for building products that wow the world. The senior executives of our team have built some of India’s largest startup, design and product communities. They mentor numerous startup founders and are routinely invited to speak at various conferences. Our younger team of engineers  have won hackathons like Google Service Jam and Startup Weekend. Products built by us are used by over 30M users worldwide.

We work mostly with startups, enterprises and R&D Labs.

With startups we work like their A Team before they build their own A Team, launching their MVPs & apps in record time, with strategies to work in line with their budgets. We take care of everything from conceptualising the product to launching it. We’ve built the core tech of some very successful startups.

In times where enterprises need to swiftly build and launch strategic products to maintain or increase their market share, we create products that leverage digital transformation strategies to maximise organisational and capital efficiency. We extensively use AI/ML.  It’s no wonder our prized clientele include utilities & alcobev leaders, real estate MNCs and large Banks/Fintechs.

We also work closely with R&D labs. Our “Build an app to solve the problem” philosophy has led to several award winning collaborations with great research and commercial value for our clients






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