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cloodo - Agency Listing - Zehntech Technologies Private Limited

Zehntech Technologies Private Limited

1968 S. Coast Hwy #794, Laguna Beach, United States

Phone: +1213458-5910

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Remy Sharp
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We are a dual currency, gamified content platform that is 100% custom built. Zehntech was one of several companies we talked to but from the first conversation we felt very confident we had found our new developers. It ended up being a great decision. Our site has a lot of moving parts;1. Streaming Platform2. Custom Referral System3. Custom e-commerce site4. User uploaded content5. Custom comment section6. Gamified Reward systemsThe team at Zehntech has done an outstanding job not only handling all the technical aspects of our site but they have become our project manager and a true partner in the platform. We have worked with them for over a year now and it is still just the start of a very long relationship we intend to have with them. We have also been very impressed with how they've set up their workflow and the communication they keep with you. Daily check-ins and updates make sure you and the project stay on track and make it incredibly easy to course correct if needed. We honestly couldn't be happier and would highly recommend Zehntech to anyone, especially if your project is on the more difficult side.

Remy abc

Ted Slanker

2022-01-20 at 22:47:25

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We are a grass-fed meat store on a ranch in NE Texas, USA. We’re totally dependent on our eCommerce store which was “upgraded” in 2014 on Drupal. We were soon struggling with our USA site maintenance provider and the site was getting affected by security issues and defects. It just never seemed to improve and the maintenance costs were sky high. IN 2018 we screened more than 10 web development agencies and short-listed Zehntech after the test task, in which they performed better than other competitors. Since early 2019 we’ve been working full time with Zehntech and are very satisfied with their: ● Technical Skills● Responsiveness● Project Management Methodology● Business Understanding Zehntech not only quickly fixed the nagging security issues and major bugs on our platform but also improved our digital presence with their digital marketing skills. Our website is now running much smoother and revenues have improved. But in order to take it to the Next level in 2020, Zehntech is re-developing our Drupal eCommerce platform on latest Magento 2 version.At first we were leery about reaching out for programmers outside the USA and in such a different time zone. But that’s never been an issue, in fact it has been many times easier communicating with Zehntech (even on their holidays) then with our former programers.

About Zehntech Technologies Private Limited

Zehntech Technologies is an IT Company based in India and having operations across the globe. We have been in the industry for 6 years now and have been continuously exploring the potentials of information technology to develop innovative and creative solutions for our customers. JobScheduler, a workload automation solution, is one such solution which we have developed in partnership with SOS-Berlin, a product-based company in Germany to provide businesses with automation capabilities and help them utilize their time and resources more efficiently. Our vision is to use the latest trends in information technology to create and deliver unique IT solutions and services that scale. 

We are highly passionate about technology. We specialize in delivering web design and development services and create robust and functional websites over platforms such as WordPress, Magento, and Drupal. The websites that we create are customized for themes and designs, completely tailor-made as per the client’s requirements and business model, giving you the advantage of staying unique and appealing. 

We understand the need and importance of availability and accessibility in the times today and so we provide you with cloud services that help you avail the services you need on-demand over a network. 

We also have expertise in mobile application design and development. Mobile phones are at everyone’s hand and the client can benefit even more with higher traffic and response if their websites are also in the form of mobile applications that offer great experiences to the users. Keeping that front in mind, we design mobile applications that help improve connectivity and enhance productivity and scalability. 

We offer solutions and services in multiple domains and we strive to excel in each of it. We can be your one-stop solution to every IT problem that you might ever face. With our mission to create and offer something great and worthwhile using every latest development in the field of IT, we are sure to give you what you need and help you take your business up a notch.





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