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Zgraya Digital

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About Zgraya Digital

ZGRAYA is an award-winning full-service digital agency with expertise and achievements in UX/UI, branding, app/web/product design, development, and digital marketing.  All of the above is gently managed and crafted by a team of 40 in-house digital professionals.

We deliver products, recognized by the most trustful international venues like Awwwards, CSS, MUSE creative awards, and many others.

We hand-craft both stylish, minimal websites and wow-sites with complex 3D, animations and visual transitions. 

We build e-commerce platforms: from simple, elegant boutique stores with a handful of products to large stores with thousands of items.

We architect mobile, hybrid, and cross-platform applications and SaaS services built to the highest standards of UI/UX and performance.

Zgraya creates products that perfectly fit the client’s needs. Decades of combined experience allows them to start every project from the ground up and with a fresh outlook.

Our digital marketing department invents new strategies, brand identities, visual and verbal communications, including extensive advertising campaigns, SEO, PPC, maintenance, and much more. Zgraya is really up to any task and prides itself in doing the majority of work in-house.



We are artists and love it when things look great, but design is not just art. It should sell, educate and communicate. It should be strong and unique enough to stand out, but from websites, web and mobile apps, to brand identity, it must also help you reach your business goals. Check out our work to see what we can do for your idea or existing digital product.


A developer is a bit like a Chinese doctor, who gets paid as long as the emperor is healthy. If the emperor is sick, he loses his wages until the emperor gets better. So we figured the best approach is to find the best developers, who architect everything we imagine and design. They asked us to say that they don’t write spaghetti code and use modern technologies: Wordpress PHP, React, React Native, Node.js and more. They also make sure everything works efficiently and on all devices. And the emperor is healthy.


We turn our clients' businesses into a customer-centric machine. Every great product needs a little push to get its name out there. We help to introduce the product to the world with impactful digital marketing efforts, creating emotional connections between you, your product and your tribe.





Remy Sharp
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Latest client reviews for Zgraya Digital

My experience with Zgraya Digital was excellent. They did a great job with bringing my vision for my project to life. Their communication and project management skills were great. They stayed on scope and on timeline throughout the entire engagement. They also went above and beyond in several areas and took extra time to make sure I was comfortable with operating the site. I truly could not ask for a better experience.

2022-01-20 at 23:06:34

The main idea was to create a brand new web portal for our business which could help us to provide to our partners all the necessary information about us. Another goal was to use all modern web design technologies.Zgraya Digital team is truly professional. From the very beginning, we have a road map for the project, scheduled meetings. The vendor participated in all the discussions and react fast on all the sudden changes which made the cooperation very flexible.The main pros of the vendor team is an innovative point of view. As a result, the web portal took a few web design awards.

2022-01-20 at 23:06:34


Denys Bihus

Rating Cloodo
The Zgraya team was faced with a rather unorthodox task of creating a new brand umbrella that would cover several different media and social activism projects, while in parallel - delivering a web infrastructure that would unite 4 biggest projects.The guys went out of their way to find the one visual identity that gave a breath of fresh air to the multitude of projects we run, and, at the same time, reflected the essence of each one of them separately.The next step was to create a brand new infrastructure for our web-presence that included 4 different platforms that ranged from a media portal (bihus.info) to a platform that would help anti-corruption activists to seek legal help (https://svoi.bihus.info/).They are professional, responsive, and flexible. We have been working together for over a year, and over the course of the collaboration, I saw nothing but professionalism, creativity, solid dev skills, and desire to go out of their way to make the projects work.

2022-01-20 at 23:06:34

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